And that’s a wrap!

Ahhhh—here we are friends! The final blog. Just like that, a whole school year has already flown by! For the most part, my blogs have been pretty informative (I want all of you prospective students and families to have a good glimpse into life as a student here at Biola!).  However, for this blog, I wanted to switch it up a bit and give you a little update on what life has been looking like lately—as well as send you off with a few last words of encouragement!

My year was composed of many firsts and many learning curves along the way. It was my first year leading a chapel band. My first time living in an apartment with my friends. My first time having a job on campus.

It was also my first time being in a contracted band and being hired to lead worship at the camp of my dreams! My first time chopping down a Christmas tree and bringing it to my very own living room. My first time writing pieces on behalf of my own university!

I learned to give grace to myself: that even though during night one of winter camp the students weren’t jumping when I asked them to, God was still working. I learned that when you live with three other people, you can’t just buy all the decorations you want because it’s not just you anymore! I learned that deadlines are important and that I am allowed to find my own voice in my writing.

I want to keep it real here—this year has been full of growth. And sometimes, growth feels really uncomfortable, painful even. But I’ve learned that in order to grow, you have to go through the tension that comes with being stretched.

During all the newness that this year brought, all the steps forward and missteps in between, I recognized how steadfast the Love of God is. In every new wave, He was there. He was the only thing that did not change: the only thing that would never change. For that, I couldn’t be more grateful.

Lastly, I wanted to encourage you guys before I head off for the summer! Like I said earlier, this school year flew by. And honestly guys, time does not seem to slow down. Like, ever. To those of you who are anticipating making the transition to college, be so excited for all that is ahead (because there are some GOOD things in store for you, friend), but also, be present with where you’re at right now. Cherish your time with family and friends, soak up these last few weeks of high school. Life goes by quicker than you know it! And while this transition can be a daunting one, you’ve got a savior who is for you and who has got you from start to finish.

It has been a joy, friends!

With all the love,