Hey guys,

Hope you all have a fantastic week! Graduating high school can be a very stressful time trying to find the right college or thinking about what you want to do for a future career. That should all be easy but we all know it’s not. I came to Biola majoring in Political Science with a double minor in Pre-Law and Bible (which everyone at Biola has to do unless you are in Torrey Honors). I wanted to be an attorney and maybe run for political office at first, but that all changed shortly after coming to Biola. I later thought I wanted to go into Business because it’s a reliable major and  what all of my friends were doing so I thought it was the easy, logical decision. The more and more I dwelled on Business, I really just came to the conclusion that that's not what God wanted me to do. That was confusing. I had no idea what I wanted to do so I went “major shopping.” With Biola having 40 majors and 80 concentrations, the opportunities at Biola are endless. I met with the Communication Studies department and the Cinema and Media Arts school. After meeting with CMA, I thought that's what I wanted to do so I ended up applying for the program in March of 2019 and was accepted three weeks later. I was so proud and excited for my future. But even after that, it still didn't feel right so I went and met with the Public Relations department. Public Relations is the youngest major at Biola, since it has only been a program for five years at Biola. I met with them and I finally found the missing piece I was looking for, so I officially changed my major to public relations. I had to pick a concentration off the bat and chose Agency Corporate PR. One really cool thing about PR is that your concentration is defined by two classes so it’s okay to switch. I changed my major in May of 2019. 

It has now been a semester of taking Public Relations classes and I love them all so much. It was the best decision I have ever made. I have gotten to look into the world that I want to spend the rest of my life doing. While taking these classes I have really figured out what career path I want to pursue and the opportunities with Public Relations at Biola are endless. Biola has connections all over the country and LA for career opportunities and/or internships. This summer I hopefully will intern for a company that Biola helps me connect with or one I find.  Biola equips with all of the right tools you need, giving you the capability of working the job required. I am so blessed to have chosen this major because it is so broad you can do just about anything with it. If you decide to change your career path later on, PR will go along with and conform to what you need to use it for. 

Lately, I have been thinking that I want to go back to the idea of going to Law school but a different type than I originally thought. After seeing how fast PR can change and I thought it would be so cool to become an entertainment lawyer. My career path  is still very much in the air but things are possible because Public Relations is so broad. Just in the past semester, PR has brought a whole lot of people skills I will be able to use in the workforce and just out in everyday life. Public Relations isn't just about building you professionally but  also as a person who has strong morals and high ethical standards. PR encourages you to always steer to the truth. The Public Relations department at Biola is amazing and they care about each and every person in the major. This major is a like a family! I hope to welcome you soon!

 I hope you liked this short but sweet Blog all about Biola’s Public Relations major.

 Until next time,

 Hunter Kennedy