How This Semester Went

This past semester has definitely been an adjustment for me and I thank God for providing a smooth transition into my college journey throughout the beginning of Freshman year. It sure took some organizing to get my class schedule down—since I have been taking sixteen units—but I feel that I have handled it more than well.

With all that I am involved in, it has taken diligent effort to get adapted to my busy schedule but has definitely been worth it. From the First Generation Scholars program to the Ambassadors of Admission Services team, I am honored to represent the Biola standards of excellence every day so that I may be a role model for my peers and especially my sister, Malia. I am thankful for the people I have grown to learn with. I am also grateful for the experience that I have gained from every interaction. Balancing academics with work and a social life has been a great journey of self-discovery thus far because it has allowed me to be more independent from my home life so that I may develop as my own person. I love all my professors and now am ready for something brand new to give me a good old-fashioned shake up.

What Classes I am Taking Right Now as a Freshman

Currently, I am enrolled in five courses: Drawing 1, 2D Design, Digital Tools, Intro to Psychology, and Biblical Interpretation and Spiritual Formation. I have loved every minute of my art classes and will be taking numerous art classes in my college career that will prepare me for a bright future with my Studio Arts degree. The workload has been a lot sometimes but I have been blessed with the opportunity to be enrolled in such a wonderful school and to have joined the art department. I am looking forward to what I will learn in the upcoming semester.

What I Have Planned for Next Semester

I have many goals for next semester, and in this upcoming new year instead of resolutions I will be calling them lifestyle changes. I plan on being even more organized and goal-oriented. This semester I had plans all laid out but hadn’t had the willpower to carry them out. Next semester will come with new study habits and I will hopefully be more consistent with study time, social time, and time for sleep. I want to read more of God’s word next semester (reading 10-15 minutes a day, with 20 minutes for journal writing). I want my thoughts to be more cohesive and organized so that I can be more organized in my daily habits. Next semester, balance and completion will be my main tasks as I begin a new semester with new classes and new professors. I know God has provided these mountains in front of me because he knows that I can climb them. I am eager to hit a a refresh on my academic life in the Spring semester. I will attack this academic year head on, ready for whatever God has in store for me.

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