The holiday season is upon us all and I am so excited! This time of the year is always one of my favorites and I never really thought about it any other way. It is a  time where I countdown the days until I go home and spend the break hanging out with my family and friends in my hometown, Redding. However, it never really occurred to me that this isn’t a possibility for everyone. There were times throughout my college career where I was unable to go home for the holidays. What then? 

Rest assured, spending the holidays in La Mirada can be great. College is a time where you will develop close friendships with other students, staff, and even professors.People here are aware that going home for the holidays isn’t possible for everyone, and that was the case for myself at times. So, in response to the question of “What then?” the answer is surprisingly awesome.

Housing is still available for students over the break and most students will actually spend the holidays at a friend’s place—I know I have. Luckily, my roommate lives nearby and his family has invited me over many times to spend the holidays with them and I have been so grateful for it. I also have many friends who have spent Thanksgiving or Easter with a professor to share a meal with them and their family. How many other universities can say that their professors are that awesome? 

I find it true that Biola fosters such a great community: one that does not begin and end inside of a classroom or school event. People at this school truly look out for each other. Friends make sure that other friends to ensure that they don’t spend the holidays alone. Some friends even take road trips with other friends for the holidays. My roommate and I spent Thanksgiving last year in Canada with our Canadian friend—that never would've happened if he wasn’t willing to to open his door to us and I am thankful for it. 

When I did spend my holidays in La Mirada, I definitely took advantage of the opportunity, as it was a wonderful time to explore the area with other friends who stay back as well! I would sometimes venture out and explore what La Mirada had to offer on my own. I sought new food and coffee places, searched for entertaining things to do in nearby cities, and even made the pilgrimage to Los Angeles to see the city. Needless to say, it is important to make the best of the situation you are in. If La Mirada is your home for the holidays, accomplish something there that maybe you couldn’t do during normal school days! I hope this to be encouragement to you: experiencing the holidays at Biola is not bad at all. The community here will reach out to you and help you feel right at home.