The holiday season in Southern California is just like that of anywhere else! We have the halloween candy, the turkeys, the Christmas trees, and more! However, SoCal tends to leave out a few things like snow, frozen lakes, snowmen, and the necessary use of scarfs. I honestly have no problem being without those things! As much as I love snow and cold weather, there’s something about being able to enjoy some sunny Christmas weather that is just as fun! I remember one Christmas morning my dad and I went for a long bike ride after opening gifts and eating breakfast. We couldn’t have done that with snow in the picture!

Tony and dad on Christmas morning 2013

(My dad and I on Christmas morning 2013)

As fun as it is the enjoy a nice SoCal Christmas, I would like to experience a Christmas morning where I look outside and see the ground filled with snow. I have been to the snow a few times and had such a great time. I was a lot more wet from the snow than I expected to be.

I do love the holidays in my family because that means lots of TAMALES! If you are from SoCal, then you know what I am talking about! There’s something about waking up on an early Christmas morning and opening up some fresh tamales for breakfast. At least that’s what we do in my family - I wouldn’t have it any other way! If you are not from SoCal and the holidays are totally different, that’s awesome too. I would love to experience the holidays through someone else's perspective, but until then I’m happy with enjoying the holidays the SoCal way!