Authority and Jurisdiction

Biola University Campus Safety Department works through an agreement with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (authorized under California Penal Code Section 830.7b). Under this agreement, the Campus Safety officers while on duty and within the scope of their assigned duties, have the authority to investigate anyone suspected of committing a crime on campus or its surrounding jurisdictions. Officers also have the power to enforce state laws pertaining to the safety and well-being of our community members. If a student commits minor offenses involving University rules and regulations, the Department of Campus Safety may refer the individual to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Residence Life, located in the Student Services Building. Other more serious offenses of University rules and regulations may also be investigated and handled by the Department of Campus Safety.

All criminal offenses such as murder, rape, assault, robbery and auto theft are reported to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and joint investigative efforts with investigators from the University and the county Sheriff's Department may be deployed to solve these serious felony crimes. The prosecution of all criminal offenses, both felony and misdemeanor, are conducted at the Superior Court of Los Angeles County.

The Department of Campus Safety's jurisdiction extends only to the boundaries of University-owned and -operated property. Any crime that occurs outside the boundaries of the University should be reported immediately to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Note: Biola University is located on private property and only selected crimes in the California Vehicle Code are enforced on campus. Those crimes include all traffic misdemeanors, including DUI, Reckless Driving, Exhibition of Speed, Speed Contest, and Hit and Run incidents. Parking violations are enforced through internal administrative procedures. Infractions associated with the Vehicle Code are not enforced by the department.