Political Science Program

What will I study?

One of the most important ways that Christians can impact the world for Christ is to engage the world at the political level. As such, the Department of History, Government and Social Science offers the major in Political Science. Through the study of systems of government, beginning with the American government, and their impact on the world at large, you will come to understand the purpose, functions, responsibilities and varieties of government in the world today. By interacting with government, you will enhance your research, writing, speaking and critical thinking skills, all of which are essential or success in the political and governmental arena.

During your time in the program, you will either write an original paper reflecting what you have learned or participate in a one-semester internship with a public or governmental agency.

While attending Biola, you will become familiar with organizations such as the International Justice Ministry and the Institute for Global Engagement. At the end of your time at Biola, you will be well prepared to continue your studies or begin working in humanitarian organizations, foreign service, military service, public administration, communication, political consulting, elected office and non-governments organizations.

“While society tells us there should be a separation of Church and state, Biola is trying to educate Christians who want to be active in the state as lawyers, judges, advisors and political leaders. The question of how we should let our faith influence our careers in government is a difficult one that state universities simply cannot answer. I was given the resources and education to consider this question in a Christ-centered environment where people kept me accountable to the authority of the Bible.

Annelise Guisinger
Political Science, 2007
Staff Assistant for a Member of Congress in Washington, DC

Why choose Political Science?

  • The CCCU Best Semester in Washington, D.C., provides Political Science students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience by interning in a political or governmental office
  • Eligibility for membership in Phi Alpha Theta, the International History Honors Society
  • An award-winning Forensic team
  • The Department of History, Government and Social Science offers the J.O. Henry Prize for the best paper in the field of History, Government or Social Science during the spring semester of each year

“Political Science is unique because it challenges you to bridge the gap between practice and theory. We are constantly engaging difficult texts and applying them to a modern context. I am now able to compare and analyze politics around the world. Biola has equipped me with the necessary tools to succeed in the world while also helping me understand my potential.”

Riley Todd
Political Science, 2008

Interesting class you might take as a Political Science major:

  • American Presidency
  • Political Parties
  • Legislation
  • Public Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Politics and Economics
  • International Relations