Major in Biblical Studies

To receive the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical & Theological Studies, a student must complete the university’s General Education requirements, the Bible Core requirements (excluding the two electives), and 39 additional Bible/Theology credits. To help students grasp the depth of the language of the Bible, Biblical Studies majors are also required to take 2 years (12 credits) of either the Greek or Hebrew language. This is used to fulfill the foreign language general education requirement.

The 39 Bible/Theology credits must include:

  • BBST 301 Biblical Studies Research Seminar
  • BBST 311 Biblical Backgrounds
  • BBST 312 Principles of Interpretation
  • BBST 411 New Testament Theology
  • BBST 412 Old Testament Theology
  • BBST 455 Pauline Theology–Romans
  • HIST 321 History of the Christian Church
  • 18 credits of Bible/Theology Electives