Major in Biblical Studies

To receive the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical & Theological Studies, a student must complete 51 units of the university’s General Education requirements, the 24 units of Bible Core requirements (excluding the two electives), 16 Minor/Support/Elective credits, and 39 Major/Concentration credits. To help students grasp the depth of the language of the Bible, Biblical Studies majors are also required to take 2 years (12 credits) of either the Greek or Hebrew language. This is used to fulfill the foreign language general education requirement. Students must also pass the Writing Competency Requirement.

The 39 Bible/Theology credits must include:

  • BBST 301 Biblical Studies Research Seminar
  • BBST 311 Biblical Backgrounds
  • BBST 312 Principles of Interpretation
  • BBST 413 Biblical Theology Seminar
  • BBST 414 Systematic Theology Seminar
  • BBST 455 Pauline Theology–Romans
  • 18 credits of 300/400-level Bible/Theology Electives
  • Writing Competency Requirement