Lori Newport teaches Audiology in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Her classes include Speech and Hearing Science for freshman and Introduction to Audiology and Aural Rehabilitation for juniors and seniors as well as Advanced Audiology and Aural Rehabilitation in the Master's Program. Teaching is a passion for Newport and her philosophy is to guide each student in learning well. Her goal for speech-language pathology students is that they will understand hearing loss and its implications in their work. For students who decide to work exclusively with the Deaf or hard of hearing, she enjoys mentoring and guiding them in career paths in audiology or auditory verbal therapy or Deaf studies. Students learn in the classroom and in the field, using state-of-the-art audiology equipment. Newport has recently contributed to a book that was translated into Lebanese about including children with disabilities in the classroom. Since there is no separation between life as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and work, Newport enjoys integrating faith into the classroom, life discussions and course material.


    • 2006-2008 Online Professor, California State University, San Bernardino

    Taught school nurses how to screen hearing. The teaching was done via Blackboard. This course led to students obtaining their Audiometrist Certificate from the state of CA. Students were from all over the state, but came in person for a final.

    • 1994-1999 Clinical Audiologist, La Palma Intercommunity Hospital

    Provided traditional hearing testing for all ages; performed ABR testing in the NICU; performed OAE testing; fit and monitored hearing aids on all ages; and performed ENG testing.

    • 1994-1996 Clinical Audiologist, Private Practice at Dr. Miles Peterson’s Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

    Audiological testing on all ages; provided hearing aid selection, fitting, basic hearing aid repairs and modifications.


    • Sertoma Club: Presented on "Anatomy and physiology of ear and common ear pathologies."
    • ACSI: Present on "Dangerous decibels to Jr. High and High School Students,"

    Research Interests

    • Mentoring


    • CODS 425 Introduction to Audiology - Course includes: anatomy and physiology of the ear, physics of sound, meaning of hearing loss and reading of audiogram audiological evaluation, pediatric hearing testing and pathologies of the ear.
    • CODS 424 Aural Rehabilitation - Course includes: reading audiograms and relating to patient’s ability to hear speech sounds, hearing aids, cochlear implants, assistive listening devices, acoustics of speech, characteristic speech of hard of hearing and deaf, pediatric habilitation/auditory training.
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