• Ph.D., University of California, Riverside
  • M.A., California State University, Fullerton
  • M.A., Biola University
  • B.S., Biola University
  • B.A., Biola University


Jason Wilson oversees the statistics service courses in the Department of Math and Computer Science: Introduction to Probability and Statistics, Business Statistics, and Biostatistics. He teaches Probability, Mathematical Statistics, Numerical Analysis, and God and Math for Math and Computer Science and Statistics for Research in the Applied Psychology Program. Giving students a vision of how the natural laws of the world described by mathematics reflect the nature of God (Romans 1:20), and how that nature empowers them to live for Him (2 Peter 1:4) is a theme of Wilson’s courses.  

Wilson is a generalist statistician and therefore interested in the analysis of data or use of statistical thinking from any area – particularly those with the potential of strategic kingdom impact or service. His primary long-term project involves a patent-pending technique for evaluating the quality of an individual baseball pitch, QOP ( The completeness of the fossil record, the real level of DNA similarity between humans and chimps, and debunking the Bible Code are some of the subjects under development for his Statistical Apologetics book project. Wilson is working towards establishing a Statistical Consulting Center at Biola with a practicum class where the class content would be actual work projects coming into the Center from the corporate/industry sector as well as SSTH research collaborations.


  • American Statistical Association
  • Institute of Mathematical Statistics
  • Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences

Publications (Selected)


  • Statistical Computing: A Language or Graphical User Interface?, with Daniel Kaplan, Electronic Con- ference On Teaching Statistics (eCOTS), May 2012

  • Curveball Quantification: Standardization of Breaking Pitches for Baseball, Joint Statistics Meetings, Aug 2011

  • The Laws of Nature in the Secular vs. Biblical Mind

    • Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences Conference, June 2011
    • Math Department Chapel, Biola University, Fall 2011
  • A Comprehensive Probability Project for the Upper Division One-Semester Probability Course Using Yahtzee, Joint Statistical Meetings: Aug 2010.

  • What is the probability of selecting the best t of k populations when k is extremely large?

    • Statistics/Operations Research/ Masterís in Finance Seminar; The Claremont Colleges: Jan 2010
    • Statistics Department Colloquium; The Ohio State University: Jan 2008.
  • A Note on the Probability of Correct Selection for Large k Populations, with Application to Microarray Data, New Researchers Conference, Aug 2009.

  • Evidence that Oligonucleotide Expression Values are Not Normally Distributed (Poster), Joint Statis- tical Meetings: Aug 2009.

  • How can a biologist use a recent biotechnology to select the di§erentially expressed genes from a study? An application of mathematics and statistics;

    • Math and Statistics Department Colloquium; Cal Poly Pomona: Feb 2009
    • Statistics Department Colloquium; Cal Poly San Luis Obispo: Feb 2008
    • Math Department Colloquium; Northern Kentucky University Colloquium: Jan 2008
  • Ordinal Data: A Statisticianís View of the State of the Art. Psychology Department Colloquium; California Baptist University: March, 2008.

  • Transformed Microarray Data are NOT Normally Distributed; Statistics Department Colloquium; UC Riverside: Oct 30, 2007.

  • On the Probability of Correct Selection for Large k Populations, with Application to Microarray Data

    • 8th International Conference on Systems Biology: Workshop: Gene Co-Expression Network Analysis and its Applications in Systems Biology; Long Beach, CA: Oct 5, 2007.
    • Center for Plant Cell Biology Colloquium; UC Riverside: Sep 28, 2007.
  • On the Probability of Correct Selection for Large k Populations, with Application to Microarray Data, Joint Statistical Meetings: Aug 1, 2007

  • Everything a Grad Student Needs to Know to Begin Creating Professional Documents [in LaTeX]: Homework, Reports, Slides, Articles, and Dissertations; Statistics Club; UC Riverside: Jan 7, 2007.

Areas of Expertise for Media Interviews

  • Bioinformatics
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
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