DepartmentsRosemead School of Psychology
Undergraduate Psychology Department
Biola AffiliationsEmployee, Faculty
Office LocationRose Hall



  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Rosemead School of Psychology
  • M.A., Clinical Psychology, Rosemead School of Psychology
  • B.A., Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles


Dr. Kim is a licensed clinical psychologist and assistant professor at Biola University.  She regularly teaches in the undergraduate psychology department and supervises doctoral research at Rosemead School of Psychology. Her research interests include multiculturalism and gender issues, racial and cultural identity formation, Asian-American psychology, and the use of qualitative research methods. 

Dr. Lee-Kim's appointment calendar is available.


  • American Psychological Association
  • California Psychological Association


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  • Kim, C. L., Anderson, T. L., Hall, M. E. L., & Willingham, M. (2010). Asian and female in the White God's world: A qualitative exploration of discrimination in Christian academia. Journal of Mental Health, Religion, and Culture, 13(5), 453-465.


  • Kim, C.L. (April, 2013). Are perfect intentions enough?: Micro-inequities and microaggressions in a faculty context. Presentation at School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) faculty meeting, Biola University, La Mirada, CA.

  • Geevarughese, M.C., Edwards, K.J., & Kim, C.L. (Aug, 2011). Attachment style and identity status as predictors of romantic relationship among American and Malaysian young adults. Poster presentation at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Washington DC.

  • Yuen, N.W., & Kim, C.L. (Aug, 2011). “God asks us to obey”: How Christian parents discipline toddlers. Roundtable presentation at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, Las Vegas, NV.

  • Lee, C.A., Anderson, T.L. ,Hall, E.L., & Willingham, M. (July, 2004). Asian female faculty in Christian academia: Discrimination and Coping. Poster presentation at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association, Honolulu, HI.

  • Lee, C.A., Anderson, T.L., Hall, E.L., & Willingham, M. (June, 2003). Discrimination experiences of Asian female faculty in Christian academia. Paper presentation at the Christian Association of Psychological Studies (CAPS) Conference, Anaheim, CA.

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