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  • Ph.D., Rosemead School of Psychology
  • M.A., Rosemead School of Psychology
  • B.A., Biola University

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Carissa Dwiwardani obtained her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Rosemead School of Psychology. She also completed her psychology undergraduate degree at Biola. Dwiwardani is passionate about training the next generation of mental health practitioners. Prior to coming to Biola as a faculty member, she taught for seven years at Regent University’s clinical psychology doctoral program, and for four years at Azusa Pacific University’s undergraduate and master’s programs. Dwiwardani is a licensed psychologist who is board certified in clinical psychology (ABPP). She maintains a private practice and her areas of clinical specialty include providing treatments for depression, trauma and relational problems. Dwiwardani's research interests include positive psychology, multicultural psychology and clinical training.


  • Asian American Psychological Association (2022-present)
  • Psi Chi, The National Honor Society in Psychology (2005-present)
  • Christian Association for Psychological Studies (2008-2021)
  • American Psychological Association (2008-2019)
  • Association for Psychology Training Clinics (2012-2018)


  • The William L. Hathaway Outstanding Faculty Award, Regent University SPC (2015)
  • APA Division 39 (Psychoanalysis) Multicultural Concerns Committee Scholar (2014)


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