One-Page Semester Planning Calendars

Spring 2014

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Spring 2014

Spring 2014 MWF

Spring 2014 TR

Spring 2014 Week

Instructors: We included the dates for the Day of Prayer and some Admissions events above. You may choose to avoid major due dates and tests on the Day of Prayer, if you like. You might also consider spending part of the class period in prayer, if appropriate. Also, Admissions has events in which prospective students visit campus and sometimes visit late morning or early afternoon classes that day. Admissions will publish a list of classes available for visitation ahead of time, and you can always request that your class be removed if you have a test that day or would prefer to not have visiting students that day. Finally: due dates should not occur during Torrey Conference or Missions Conference.

These dates are provided for your information as suggestions only. The educational goals of the class and your schedule always take priority.

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