Permit Requirement


Beginning with the Fall 2014 semester, each student must purchase a Biola parking permit for a motor vehicle driven by them to the university so that all vehicles that come to Biola may be legally parked on campus at any given time. The City of La Mirada ordinance that approved the latest Biola University Master Plan contains many conditions, one of which requires Biola to reduce the degree of parking on Biola Avenue in the vicinity of Biola. One solution suggested by the City, which has not yet been required, is the imposition of a two-hour parking limit and/or a no-parking zone on one or both sides of Biola Avenue. In order to keep street parking on Biola Avenue unregulated, and to address our desire to lessen the impact of Biola cars on the neighborhood, the student parking permit requirement is being extended to all students who drive a motor vehicle to Biola.

In April the new 939-space Lot K parking structure opened, making it easier to find a parking space on campus. Having fewer cars parked on Biola Avenue will lessen street congestion and pedestrian safety concerns. It should also eliminate the chronic spillover of Biola vehicles to the residential parts of Biola Avenue and to the adjacent streets, thereby avoiding expansion of “special permit” (resident-only) parking zones on nearby streets. Lowering our parking profile will promote a positive witness in our neighborhood and strengthen community relations with local homeowners and the City of La Mirada.