Daily Crime and Fire Safety Log

This Crime and Fire Safety Log includes all crimes reported to Campus Safety in the past 60 days, and all fires and false fire alarms in Campus residence halls reported to Campus Safety in the past 60 days.

Date ReportedLocationCodeDescriptionDate and Time OccurredDisposition
05/23/16SC 50's - Rood Hall594 PCVandalismBT 05/22/16, 2156 hrs Sunday & 05/23/16, 0456 hrs, MondayActive
05/20/16Horton Hall005Possession - AlcoholOn 5/20/16 at 22:14Active
05/17/16Sutherland Hall488 PCPetty TheftOn 5/17/16 at 09:54Cleared-no follow-up necessary
05/17/16Bardwell Hall488 PCPetty TheftOn 5/17/16 at 09:54Cleared-no follow-up necessary
05/16/16Lot B (Sutherland)488 PCPetty Theft05/16/16, 1520 hours, TuesdayActive
05/11/16Cafe488 PCPetty Theft05/09/16, 1745 hours, MondayActive
05/10/16Hope Hall415 PCDisturbing the PeaceOn 5/10/16 at 22:59Cleared-no follow-up necessary
05/05/16La Mirada Apartments415 PCDisturbing the PeaceOn 5/5/16 at 22:23Cleared-no follow-up necessary
05/05/16Horton Hall488 PCPetty TheftB/T 03/25/16, 0800, Friday & 05/05/16, 1200, ThursdayActive
05/05/16Lido Apts 14653 Rosecrans602 PCTrespassingOn 5/5/16 at 07:23Cleared-no follow-up necessary
05/04/16Biola Ave.20002 CVCHit and Run: Property DamageOn 5/4/16 at 15:51Active
05/04/16Chase Gymnasium594 PCVandalismPrior to 05/03/16, 1000 hours, TuesdayCleared-no follow-up necessary
05/03/16Sigma Chi415 PCDisturbing the PeaceOn 5/3/16 at 22:10Cleared-no follow-up necessary
05/02/16Blackstone Hall488 PCPetty Theft04/26/16, 1000 hours, TuesdayActive
04/28/16Sigma Chi415 PCDisturbing the PeaceOn 4/28/16 at 22:20Cleared-no follow-up necessary
04/28/16Chase Court (Street)602 PCTrespassing04/28/16, 0849 hours, ThursdayCleared-no follow-up necessary
04/26/16Horton Hall488 PCPetty TheftB/T 04/25/16, 2330, Monday & 04/26/16, 1030, TuesdayActive
04/26/16Lot K (Alpha)243(e)(1)Battery of significant other04/26/16 1124 hours, TuesdayCleared by exception
04/24/16Lot M (Horton)415 PCDisturbing the PeaceOn 4/24/16 at 00:47Inactive
04/23/16La Mirada Apartments415 PCDisturbing the PeaceOn 4/23/16 at 02:38Inactive
04/22/16Campus-Wide647(j) PCDisorderly Conduct - Invasion of PrivacyPrior to 04/21/16, 1000 hours, ThursdayReferred to LASD
04/22/16Lot K (Alpha)415 PCDisturbing the PeaceOn 4/22/16 at 01:10Cleared-no follow-up necessary
04/21/16Olive Grove602 PCTrespassing04/21/16, 0914 hours, ThursdayCleared-no follow-up necessary
04/21/16Lot S415 PCDisturbing the PeaceOn 4/21/16 at 00:37Cleared-no follow-up necessary
04/14/16Lot G - Lower Campus415 PCDisturbing the PeaceOn 4/14/16 at 22:38Inactive
04/13/16Lot G - Lower Campus20002 CVCHit and Run: Property Damage03/24/16, B/T 1200 hours & 1900 hours, ThursdayActive
04/12/16Lot R594 PCVandalism04/11/16, B/T 0900 & 1215 hours, MondayCleared-no follow-up necessary
04/09/16La Mirada Apartments647(j) PCDisorderly Conduct - Invasion of Privacy04/09/16, 2144 hours, SaturdayReferred to LASD
03/30/16Rose of Sharon Prayer Chapel488 PCPetty Theft03/30/16, B/T 1315 & 1715 hours, WednesdayActive
03/28/16Tropicana Apts 14533 Rosecrans415 PCDisturbing the PeaceOn 3/28/16 at 18:39Cleared-no follow-up necessary
03/26/16Lot G - Lower Campus11357 H&SPossession of Marijuana03/26/16, 0052 hours, SaturdayReferred to Student Developmnt