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portrait of Anne Gewe

Anne L. Gewe

Acting Director and Professor of Nursing
  • Ph.D., Biola University
  • M.S.N., California State University, Los Angeles
  • B.S.N., Biola University
  • B.S., Biola University

Anne Gewe has a major interest in cross-cultural nursing, leadership/management and the integration of Christian faith in nursing practice. She has led nursing summer missions teams to the Dominican Republic and authored a 3 year international study report entitled "Models of Christian Witness in Health Care" which can be downloaded from Other articles include: "Hope: Moving from Theory to Practice" & "Being the Best Nursing Leader You Can Be". She co-authored "Soybeans & the Kingdom of God" with Sharon Soper, RN a Biola graduate. Her doctoral dissertation is a study about how nursing students learn to integrate their Christian faith and nursing practice to impact the world for Jesus Christ.