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The Christian Apologetics Program at Biola University:

Winter/Spring 2015 - At a Glance:


20-23 • La Mirada, CA: God, Science and the New Atheists Seminar with Lennox

20-23 • La Mirada, CA: Addressing Homosexuality: Clarity and Compassion Seminar with McDowell & Shlemon


6-7 • Tucson, AZ: BOTR: Reasonable Faith in an Uncertain World with Multiple Speakers

20-21 • Anaheim, CA: AMP Conference: Apologetics, Mission, Partnership 2015 with Multiple Speakers


6-7 • Abbotsford, BC: Apologetics Canada Conference 2015 with Multiple Speakers

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Event Descriptions

God, Science, and the New Atheists Seminar

with John Lennox, Ph.D.

Biola University Apologetics is delighted to announce that Dr. John C. Lennox will be teaching a special class for our students and friends in January 2015. Dr. Lennox is a renowned mathematician and scientist from Oxford University and a magnificent lecturer and debater. He is the author of God's Undertaker, Gunning for God, God and Stephen Hawking, in addition to a range of mathematical and scientific works. In these fascinating presentations, Dr. Lennox will demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that atheists like Dawkins, Hawking, and Hitchens have in no way "buried God." Indeed, the evidence is clear that modern science points unalterably toward God.

January 20-23, 2015

Time: Tuesday - Friday Mornings, 10:00 am - 12:45 pm
Location: Room 109
Biola University - Crowell School of Business Building
13800 Biola Avenue
La Mirada, CA 90639
Cost: $95

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Addressing Homosexuality: Clarity and Compassion Seminar

with Sean McDowell and Alan Shlemon

Homosexuality is clearly one of the most pressing social issues of our day. It is critical the church addresses the issue with compassion and understanding. In this class, Sean McDowell and Alan Shlemon will guide us through an in-depth look at what the Bible really teaches about homosexuality, provide responses to a range of arguments on human sexuality and marriage, explore issues related to the origins of same-sex attraction, and provide a road map for compassionately ministering to people with same-sex attraction.

January 20-23, 2015

Time: Tuesday - Friday Evenings, 6:00 - 9:30 pm
Location: Room 206
Biola University - Crowell School of Business Building
13800 Biola Avenue
La Mirada, CA 90639
Cost: $95

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Apologetics Canada Conference 2015
with Nancy Pearcey, Sean McDowell, & Louis Markos

Abbotsford, B.C., Canada

Apologetics Conference

Join a community of like-minded people for an inspiring weekend of thinking with some of today's leading thinkers. This in-depth look at the Christian faith will help you develop a solid foundation of faith, hope and love.

March 6-7, 2015

Time: Friday 6:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am
Location: Northview Community Church
32949 Downes Road
Abbotsford, BC

Cost: Early Bird - $40
Early Bird with Lunch - $53
Early Bird Student - $35
Early Bird Student with Lunch - $48
Early Bird Couple: $75
Early Bird Couple with lunch - $101

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Faculty Books

Reasonable Faith Third Edition
by William Lane Craig

Be sure to visit the exclusive online store of William Lane Craig only at Biola!

Reasonable Faith is a perfect book for the classroom, yet it is also a resourceful guide for thoughtful Christian leaders, whether in the local church, the academy, or other para-church organizations. This updated third edition builds a positive case for Christianity that reflects twenty-five years of debating, lecturing, and writing on important issues in Christian apologetics. A complimentary study guide workbook has been created and serves as the perfect tool for anyone interested in discussing and digesting the material presented by Dr. Craig in a more thorough fashion.

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Reasonable Faith Third Edition $17 + shipping
Study Guide $10 + shipping
Get both for $25 + shipping

Proceeds benefit the ministry of the Christian Apologetics Program.

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2014 At a Glance:

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Past Event Descriptions

Does God Exist?
A Debate

with Christopher Hitchens vs. William Lane Craig

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Witness one of the great debates of the new millennium. Devoted atheist, Christopher Hitchens, author of the best-selling God is Not Great, squares off with one of the most formidable debaters in the Christian world, Dr. William Lane Craig, on the topic: Does God Exist?
Moderated by Hugh Hewitt and hosted by Craig Hazen
Cosponsored with Biola Associated Students

April 4, 2009
Chase Gymnasium, Biola University

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