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Small Group Curriculum - Intro to Christian Apologetics
Join J.P. Moreland in understanding a rational case for Christian belief.
Small Group Curriculum - Intro to Christian Apologetics
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Are there good reasons to believe that Christianity is true? If so, what are they? Does having evidence for Christianity eliminate the need for faith?

In this course, Dr. J.P. Moreland will answer those questions and more as he introduces you to the field of Christian apologetics. He will help you understand a rational case for Christian belief and how to answer objections to that case. 

The topics covered in this course include:

  • What is Apologetics?
  • Arguments for The Existence of God
  • Why Believe Christianity?

Note: This is the small group curriculum version of the course. This course contains videos and a downloadable participant guide for use in an in-person small group. There is also a version of this course designed for individual use.

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J.P. Moreland
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Participant's Guide Sample
The Nature and Biblical Basis for Apologetics
Truth, Knowledge, and Faith
Participant Guide
Kalam Cosmological Argument
More Arguments for the Existence of God
How to Move from God to Christianity
Why Believe Christianity?
Curriculum Evaluation

Course FAQ

No. The course contains everything you need to successfully complete the course. There are resources recommended at the end of the course that you are free to purchase if you wish to pursue further study on the course topic.

You may download the participant guide included in this course. You may then distribute electronic and/or print copies to every member of your small group.

Since this course is designed as a packaged small group curriculum, you will not have any interaction with the professor during the course.

These videos are only available on Biola LEARN. You will also need to be connected to the internet to view these videos.