Love One Another: Pursuing Unity in Church Diversity

Talbot School of Theology

About this Course

In the five lessons contained in Love One Another, Dr. Mark Saucy takes us on a journey through the Old and New Testaments as we seek God’s heart on the matter of unity in our diversity.

Each lesson begins with a series of lectures which are followed by a quiz, a review of the answers to the quiz, and a reflection assignment. You will also find a link to the lesson outline at the beginning of the video series in each lesson. Feel free to download these outlines and use them to supplement your learning in this course.

For further review of the topics highlighted in these lessons, you will find a list of recommended resources at the conclusion of lesson 5. 

Note: This is the individual version of the course. This course is formatted for individual study. There is also a small group curriculum version of this course that contains videos and a downloadable participant guide for use in an in-person small group.