Introduction to Spiritual Formation

Institute for Spiritual Formation

About this Course

Welcome to the Introduction to Spiritual Formation course! In this course you will learn what spiritual formation is and become familiar with how the Holy Spirit grows us. You will become familiar not only in terms of knowing the information, but also in your experience. You will learn from Dr. John Coe, Director of the Institute for Spiritual Formation at Biola. Additionally, you will receive training in prayer so that you can experience what Dr. Coe teaches regarding the spiritual life.

This course consists of eight lessons. Each lesson consists of the following elements:

  • Introduction – Orients you to the lesson’s topic by providing a guiding question for you to ponder. Gives an overview of how the lesson will unfold.
  • Video Teaching – One or more videos of Dr. Coe presenting material concerning the lesson’s topic. A viewing guide will be provided to help you follow along.
  • Experiential Projects – One or more projects to help you experience what Dr. Coe taught. These projects will help you engage with the Spirit and your heart on a deeper level. Instructions for each project will be provided as they are assigned.

At the end of the course, you will receive a list of supplemental resources for further study.

We hope you are blessed by your participation in this course and that you experience God in a deeper way.