Biblical Discipleship

Talbot School of Theology

About this Course

In this course, you will be introduced to a “biblical theology of discipleship,” which means tracing the unique form of discipleship that Jesus initiated in the first century as the norm for all believers then, and today. You will look through the lenses of the gospel writers to see the perspectives that impacted them the most while following Jesus. These then become our guidelines for our discipleship to Jesus today. For many of us, “discipleship” is often understood to be a program that we can complete in a few weeks or perhaps a few months. This course explores how discipleship is central to our daily, lifelong lives with Jesus, and how the transformation that Jesus began two thousand years ago in the original disciples is as relevant to our lives today as it was to the very first disciples.

This course features the teachings of Dr. Michael Wilkins, Distinguished Professor of New Testament Language and Literature at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University.

Each lesson contains:

  • A video in which Dr. Wilkins unpacks the lesson topic
  • A short quiz to help you recall what you learned
  • A reflection to help you integrate the material into your own life

Note: There is also a Small Group Curriculum for this course including videos and a downloadable participant's guide for use in an in-person small group.