Registration & Enrollment



Biola University's online system for registering for classes and enrolling in the University is found on my.Biola. All students must complete both registration and enrollment.

  • Registration (Phase 1) is where current students reserve their courses for the upcoming semester.
  • Enrollment (Phase 2) is required of all students and involves completing all nine administrative steps along with the down payment. (Enrollment payment deadlines are August 15 & January 15.) Classes will be dropped if you do not complete all steps of Enrollment (Phase 2) including your payment.

Please file all Financial Aid paperwork on time! You must allow 4 - 6 weeks from the time you complete your financial aid file to prevent delays and not incur the Late Enrollment fee.

If you have registration questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page, contact us online, or call our registration helpline at (562) 777-4002.

Undergraduate Financial Aid
Graduate Financial Aid

View the Academic Calendar for important dates and deadlines related to registration and enrollment.