To demonstrate the Christian caring which is essential to the practice of professional nursing the graduate is expected to:

  • Base nursing practice on a philosophical foundation consistent with Biola University and the Department of Nursing beliefs about the nature of persons and the nature of nursing.
  • Integrate knowledge from Biblical studies, and the behavioral, biological, and physical sciences together with knowledge from nursing science and utilize this knowledge as a basis for nursing practice.
  • Base nursing practice on a formulation of theoretical knowledge incorporating communication/collaboration, teaching/learning, critical thinking/problem solving, and leadership/advocacy principles.
  • Collect relevant data systematically from all pertinent client systems, the environment, and the research knowledge base; utilize this data effectively to provide safe, competent, evidence-based nursing care.
  • Demonstrate application of synthesized concepts related to Christian caring, stress/adaptation, developmental, interactional and systems theories in the purposeful and systematic use of the nursing process to facilitate optimal adaptation through appropriate use of the prevention, restoration, and conservation modes of intervention with the three client systems.
  • Identify and utilize knowledge of the relevant cultural, economic, ethical, global, legal, political, social, and spiritual factors and the interactions between them that affect the practice of nursing and the delivery of health care services.
  • Demonstrate personal and professional development and Christian commitment consistent with the goals of Biola University and baccalaureate nursing education.