Friendly Persuasion: Delivering Persuasive Presentations

Communication Studies Department

About this Course

We live in an age of opinions and information, which means you can’t say a word without someone disagreeing with you.  That wouldn’t be a problem, except people can get so angry! How can you navigate disagreements without offending? How do you persuade without losing relationships?  You have two options - take a vow of silence or learn how to be an effective persuasive communicator. Given our roles as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God and Christ’s command that we take the gospel to the world, we need to learn to persuade well.

This course on persuasive communication walks you through some key biblical concepts connected with persuasion, teaches you how persuasion works, and guides you through the process of developing an audience-centered persuasive presentation. The goal is not manipulation or hard selling, but friendly persuasion. Featuring seven lessons from Tim Milosch, a professor in Biola University's Communication Studies department, the course also contains quizzes, reflection questions, and worksheets to help you develop a persuasive presentation and grow as a communicator.