TESOL Certificate

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Certificate Program

Our certificate programs are composed of various courses created by Biola faculty. This certificate program includes 9 courses.

By enrolling in this certificate, the courses offered will be displayed for you to complete in "My Courses" in your homeroom.

About this Certificate

The TESOL Certificate is designed to equip learners with the essentials of teaching the English language, often in an informal, non-academic setting. As you work through the nine courses in this certificate, you will learn a variety of methods to aid in your teaching, and you will apply these methods to create your own lessons.

After obtaining this certificate, learners will develop the skills to:

  • Understand key aspects of English grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation along with how to teach them
  • Plan lessons, especially focused on speaking 
  • Manage classes for effective teaching and learning 
  • Use ethical principles to guide teaching and interaction with students
  • Design courses

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The TESOL Certificate contains nine courses including a Lesson Planning Capstone. The recommended order of completion is:

  1. TESOL: Essentials
  2. TESOL: Teaching Speaking
  3. TESOL: Teaching Pronunciation
  4. TESOL: Professionalism
  5. TESOL: Classroom Management
  6. TESOL: Teaching Grammar
  7. TESOL: Teaching Vocabulary
  8. TESOL: Course Design
  9. TESOL: Capstone

Not sure where to start? Take the TESOL: Essentials course to determine if the TESOL Certificate is right for you. Or sample the first lesson of any TESOL course for free! Individual TESOL courses will transfer over should you decide to pursue the Certificate so you won’t lose your progress. Additionally, the purchase price of individual TESOL course(s) you have purchased will be automatically deducted from the total cost of the Certificate.

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