About Biola London

Biola London's semester abroad is a Fall program, which allows about 20 juniors or seniors from Biola to continue their regular course of studies in British classrooms alongside British and international students. Roehampton University is the site of our program, located near the London Tube (the underground) in a quiet, residential neighborhood, just 30 minutes or so from the bustling heart of the city. During their semester at Roehampton, Biola students will take up to 15 units. Biola London will count for 3 units HIST 305, 3 units for a field-trip based, weekly class-room session Biola Bible integration course (BBST 465), focusing on aspects of the History of Spirituality in Britain: Early Times to Present. The remaining 9 units are received through their Roehampton modules. For this semester, students pay Biola the usual fees for tuition and room. Plane fare and any personal travel within Britain and Europe are not included.

Arguably, our greatest educational leaps in life occur when we are moved out of our comfort zones to face that which is new, unfamiliar, and challenging. Biola London is designed to offer our students just this kind of experience in a setting that is safe and yet challenging. New places, new professors, new students, new perspectives, new weather, and new foods all combine to create an experience that can powerfully stimulate student hearts and minds.

For Biola students, in particular, much of the learning experience occurs as they find themselves once again in a largely secular educational world, where they find new and expanding applications for the integration of faith and learning, and for cross-cultural friendships. While Roehampton University has Christian origins (chapels and chaplains still function on the campus), students are not required to hold any particular faith positions. But it is their relationships with largely secular and unchurched classmates that Biola students have consistently found to be the most exciting and rewarding part of their time abroad.

The Bible Integration Seminar course, the one course designed just for Biola students, helps them process these experiences under the guidance of a believing instructor.

For those wishing to move beyond the Biola bubble and bring their Christian minds with them, this program can take students to a new level, academically and spiritually.


General Questions

Where is it?

Roehampton University, hereafter referred to as "Roehampton", consisting of Digby Stuart College, Frobel Institute College, Southlands College, and Whitelands College.

When does it happen?

The Autumn Semester, runs normally from the second week of September to just before Christmas.

Distinction of Program

This study-abroad semester differs from other Biola study-abroad programs in that you will be participating in the educational system of an English university, living in the residence halls and taking courses with other Roehampton students.

Courses Offered

You are encouraged to enroll in courses in only one programme (department) at Roehampton, preferably courses in your major discipline of study, which can be given appropriate Biola designations, so that they will fit into your program here. Biola London students will take a total of 3 Roehampton courses (equal to 9 Biola units) during the Roehampton semester, plus the 2 above-mentioned Biola HIST 305 English History course and the Biola Bible Integration Seminar (BBST 465), both of which are mandatory. Biola London students should complete their semester with 15 Biola credit units.

What is the Cost?

You will pay to Biola the regular charges for tuition and room paid by all Biola students. Biola London students do not have meal charges, because they will self-cater. If you are selected for study abroad, a non-refundable $100 down payment is due in the Spring. Your student account must be up to date, and if applicable, you must make sure that your financial aid is confirmed before leaving for England. Biola requires a 60% down payment no later than August 15th, with the balance due according to your payment plan. Tuition waivers do not apply.

Additional Expenses

Your additional responsibility of expenses will include (but not necessarily be limited to) your round-trip airfare to England, the costs of your meals, books, personal expenses, and extra-curricular travel within Britain and Europe.

Who is Eligible?

You must be a junior or senior at Biola (not graduating in December), with a minimum cumulative 3.0 grade point average. For acceptance into the program, your major advisor or the chair of your major department, the Biola Coordinator of the program, and Roehampton University, must approve you.

While Roehampton is able to accommodate most of the academic needs of Biola students, it is important for applicants to make sure the semester abroad will further their academic goals and not delay their expected date of graduation. Be sure to check out the Roehampton University Study-Abroad Course Catalogue web pages at http://www.roehampton.ac.uk; select "International"; select "Study Abroad Programmes" under "International"; click on the 1st link "Information for Students Wishing to Study at Roehampton for a Semester or Academic Year"; Under "Academic Offering" section, in the first paragraph, click on "Study Abroad Module Catalogue".

This is the only module website that study-abroad international students are allowed to choose Roehampton courses from.