Advisement for General Education Students and Department Majors and Minors

General Education

  • Freshmen are advised to take either American History (HIS 107) or Survey of American Government (POSC 225) the second semester of their freshman year.
  • Students may take HIS 107 American History in their first semester as freshmen or in the second semester. Students may take HIS207 in the Spring Semester, HIS208 in the Fall Semester of their sophomore year, and begin taking advanced courses in History in the Spring Semester of their sophomore year.

History Department Majors
(History, Social Science, Political Science, Humanities: History: Secondary Instruction) should take World Civilizations I and II in sequence.

  • History Department Majors must have passed World Civilizations I and World Civilizations II to enroll in 300 or 400 level classes.
  • All History majors and minors will have to take their writing competency exam before their first semester as juniors, unless they are transfers. Transfers should take the writing competency exam after their first semester.
  • The History Department writing competency exam requires students to write footnotes and bibliographical entries. Students will submit 20 pages of writing assignments chosen from their department portfolios from their freshmen and sophomore years. Usually this will include essays and research papers assigned in American History and World Civilizations I and II and receiving a C or above.

Senior Petition:  When submitting your senior peition please make sure to attach a copy of your Degree Audit to the petition. Students can access Degree Audit by logging on to BSI. Follow prompts. Please submit these directly to the department secretary after fulfilling your writing competency.

Letter of Recommendation - please click on Bubbs folder for information.