Technology and Christian Faithfulness

Office for the Integration of Faith and Learning

About this Course

That technology, especially digital technology, fundamentally alters our lives is beyond dispute. However, whether those changes benefit or harm our children, our work, and our society are hotly debated.

This course provides insight into questions surrounding issues like social media and online privacy from an explicitly Christian perspective. In a culture dominated by technological disruption, keeping our moral compass pointed towards truth and our ethical framework integrated with daily life requires a perspective that is rooted in something more permanent than the ephemeral world of technology.  Together, we will examine Christian thought and tradition for wisdom and guidance to live in a world of constant technological change.

Over the course of eleven lessons, each featuring videos and reflection exercises, you will receive insight and resources to guide you through developing a practical theologically grounded framework for understanding technology and considering its impact on the individual and society. At the end of this course, you will also receive a free curriculum resource with activities and discussion questions designed for use in youth groups and small group settings.