Small Group - How Our Culture is Seen in Everyday Life

Talbot School of Theology

About this Course

Each of you first learned your cultural beliefs in your childhood home and these beliefs become the foundation for how you believe things should be done. Because these beliefs are so ingrained, we often don’t even realize they are there. Revisiting our childhood homes alongside people who had different experiences can enable you to discover your own cultural beliefs and values. Armed with that self-knowledge,  you will better understand the cultural differences you encounter, which is the first step to building lasting connections with people from other cultures.

This course, which is the second course in the Bridging Cultural Differences through Cultural Self-Discovery series, presents a theory of culture to understand cultural differences and why a learner responds in the way they do to cultural differences. It is highly recommended that you complete Course 1: Aspects of Cultural Self-Discovery before delving into Course 2: How Our Culture is Seen in Everyday Life to gain a holistic understanding of the series’ learning material. As learners recognize the cultures that influence their behavior, they will at the same time be able to understand how their behavior may reflect more cultural values than biblical values. By understanding their culture, learners will be more open to considering how to better apply biblical principles in their relationships with others.