Introduction to Non-Profit Management

Crowell School of Business

About this Course

This course provides an introduction to selected principles of business strategies applied to the non-profit sector. The goal is for you to be able to finish the course with a set of questions that you can use to examine the effectiveness of a non-profit organization in particular areas. The videos feature the teaching of Professor Les Harman from Biola University’s Crowell School of Business.

This course is designed for anyone leading, managing, or starting a non-profit organization (including a church), or anyone who interacts with the leaders of a non-profit organization.

To get the most out of this course, select a particular non-profit organization that you interact with, and keep that organization in mind as you go through the lessons. It can be any non-profit organization, such as a foundation, a church (or church group), or a social organization.

Each lesson features:

  • Videos that introduce the key ideas of each lesson
  • A reflection question to help you dig deeper into the lesson’s topic
  • An application exercise to help you connect what you learned with the non-profit organization you selected