Social Science Program

What will I study?

In order to more fully understand humanity and its structuring of the social order, the Department of History, Government and Social Science, in conjunction with the Department of Sociology and the School of Intercultural Studies offers a bachelor’s degree in Social Science. With the educational background of a Social Science major, graduates will find themselves eligible to enter several career fields.

The multidisciplinary nature of this program allows you to focus on one specific social science and to take classes in two other disciplines, thereby strengthening your broad understanding of the academic study of society and culture.

Upon completion of the Social Science major, it is intended that the student will have a wider perspective on the nature of man, appreciate the historical context of contemporary society, be aware that value systems have definite implications for society, be able to think analytically and develop an understanding of and commitment to Christian values, have an awareness of their own social and political responsibilities and be prepared for advanced studies in the social sciences at the graduate level.

Public Sector

Many opportunities of employment exist in the public sector. Federal, state and local governments often hire candidates who have a background in the social sciences. This major is particularly suited for those who wish to pursue graduate study or to work in development, humanitarian organizations or international politics.


National and internationally-oriented businesses find management personnel among the ranks of those who have graduated with a liberal arts education. A high percentage of top managers have an educational background in the social sciences.

Christian Service

This major offers a good foundation for those planning to enter Christian service in less traditional fields. Overseas relief and development agencies seek committed individuals who have the broad education of a Social Science major. A Graduate study at schools of law, theology, politics, international relations and seminary are other options.

Why Choose Social Science?

Since the Social Science major takes an interdisciplinary approach to learning, graduates will find themselves equipped with a unique portfolio of skills and knowledge including:

  • Preparation for graduate study
  • The development of objective and critical thinking in the context of commitment to Christianity
  • An appreciation of different perspectives without succumbing to relativism
  • A library of methodological skills related to each specific concentration
  • A sharpening understanding of the Christian mission in today’s social and political environment

“The breadth of knowledge and academic training from Biola provided a foundational understanding of the Scriptures and a wide range of educational and political opportunities.”

Glen Hansen
Social Science, 1986
Attorney at Law-Knox, Lemon, Anapolsky LLP


The program provides the breadth of knowledge, communication and analytical thinking skills necessary for admission to law schools.

Some interesting classes you might take as a Social Science major include:

  • Introduction to International Development
  • Politics and Economics
  • Micro Issues in Relief and Development
  • Social Changes in the Developing World
  • Politics in the Modern Middle East
  • Religion in Public Life

“I gained a heightened sense of awareness of God’s desire to see mercy and justice break out into our world, and of His desire to see peoples and nations brought underneath His Kingdom rule.

Kira Williams
Social Science, 2007