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The Christian Apologetics Program at Biola University:

Don't miss out on this great event just because you can't be there in person!
Sign-up to be a part of the event broadcast. See all the action from your home or with your church group.

Choose the option below that best fits your desire to participate in this event to agree to these terms and pay the viewing fee, we will then contact you with the log in code!

Individuals & Families Registrations
Registration Price Description
$34 Live or On-Demand Web Viewing Only
$49 Web Viewing, and Do the Right Thing Event Recording DVD

Limited Time: On-Demand Webcast

$34 for the Live or On-Demand Online Event Broadcast Viewing: Online Broadcast

$49 for the Broadcast & the Do the Right Thing event recording: Package Deal

Contact us if you need to arrange to show this event in a church or group setting.

Also, check out our FAQ's page for more specifics and answers to common questions.


Do I need special equipment?

All you need is a computer with a high-speed broadband internet connection! Simply hook the computer up to a nice monitor, TV or a projector to share with your group! (See system recommendations below. Contact us if you cannot meet the system requirements.)

Who can watch?

Anyone! We encourage you to share with your household.

Why does it cost to watch the broadcast?

The broadcast fee helps subsidize the cost of the event, and the cost of producing and hosting the video broadcast.

How do I watch?

Once you've agreed to the terms & conditions and pay the fee, we'll send you a code and log on information. Once you receive your log on information, you will be able to return to this site to test your equipment.

How long is the evnent?

The event is expected to last about 3.5 hours. However, it could run as long as 3 hours.

What time do I watch? What if the exact time of the event doesn't work well for my church or group?

If you're joining us for the live feed, you will only be able to see the event live. You'll be able to log on to the site any time and the event will start streaming at 8:30 am PDT on Saturday, February 5. If you are joining us after the event has finished you might have to wait until Sunday at Noon to watch the event online, you will be able to log anytime and if the event recording is ready you will be able to press play to watch the event.

Can I download the Event?

No. This is a streaming video viewing opportunity. Downloading the event violates copyright and is illegal.

How can I test my connection and equipment?

Go to: www.biola.edu/apologetics/vod
Use the test site login information that will be given to you and follow the instructions on that page. If you want to test your connection before you purchase a viewing, please contact our office.

Can I watch multiple times?

If you'd like to view more than once, please contact our office for questions about showing this event to a group or larger audience: (888) 332-4652 or apologetics@biola.edu

Can I schedule my viewing and pay the fee over the phone?

Absolutely! Contact our office: (888) 332-4652 or apologetics@biola.edu

If the date of the event doesn't work for me, is there another way to see the event?

Of Course! We can work something out for you, contact our office: (888) 332-4652 or apologetics@biola.edu

Can I view this anywhere?

Yes. If you are concerned because you are outside of the US, let us know and we'll try to help you as best we can.

System Requirements:

Broadband or High-bandwidth dedicated internet connection required!

Speed: Minimum 2.0 Mbps, recommended 3.0 Mbps. (Test your speed with speedtest.net)

Intel Core Duo Processor at 2.0GHz or higher
or AMD Athlon™ 64 3400+ processor (or equivalent)

Computer Sound Card:
Any integrated audio card should be able to output the stereo audio signal associated with this stream. If you plan to output this signal to a PA system or other speakers, additional equipment may be necessary.

Graphics Card Video Ram (VRAM)
64 MB or more
(Note: Some general use laptops or integrated video cards do not have enough video ram to meet these requirements. Check your system.)

Memory (RAM)
Minimum: 512 MB
Recommended: 1 GB

Web Browser:
Firefox 3.0, Safari 3.0, IE 7.0, or later
Using Adobe Flash Player 10

Operating System:
Windows XP Service Pack 3.0 or higher
Mac OS 10.4 or higher

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For more information, please contact:
The Christian Apologetics Program
Phone: 888.332.4652 (toll free)