Laurel Dailey

Long Beach, CA
Editorial, fashion, commercial, and portrait photographer.

What are some of the most exciting opportunities you have had since graduation?

I've been able to work for American Apparel and Quiksilver. Additionally, I've gotten to go to Europe with Quiksilver Womens, I've shot lookbook and editorial for Quail and Quail Bridal, and have traveled to a few states and countries for work (Kenya, Ethiopia, Europe, all over the US, etc.). I shot the most recent Biola Undergrad campaign. You can probably make all of this sound better with different wording...I'm just listing things as I think of them.

How do you feel that the Biola art department prepared you for your life as an artist?

The art department isn't a place where students go to become artists, nor is it a place where students go to have their career ready-made and handed to them with a bow upon graduating. It's a place where artists can hone their craft, where your art can be cultivated and where you learn that ultimately, it's not where you go to school that matters, but how hard you're willing to work during and after--that being an artist doesn't begin at graduation. It begins the moment you decide, "Yeah, I'm an artist, and now I'm willing to put in the work to prove it."

Any advice for future Biola art majors?

Get involved with other things on campus. Don't expect the art department to be a magic fairy godmother that gives you a bright, shiny career. Leave your pride at the door. Expect to be frustrated. Expect long nights. BUT! It's not all gloom and doom, I swear! Expect to be surprised. That sounds hopelessly trite, but I mean it. Please, please, please leave La Mirada sometimes and explore what's around. And I don't mean what's around Orange County only. Invest in relationships while you're here, and I don't mean of the wedding ring variety, though I suppose you're free to do that, too. Whatever.