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About Biola Youth Theatre

What is Biola Youth Theatre?

Biola Youth Theatre is a youth theatre company that trains students between the ages of 6 and 18 in the three disciplines of theatre — voice, dance and acting. Our goal is to use the performing arts to point students to the God who gave them their talents and love for the arts, and then help them to understand how to use those talents to honor and glorify God on the stage. We are committed to excellence in performance, building community and providing an opportunity for families to be involved.

Biola Youth Theatre’s Mission

Provide a quality theatre program that incorporates professional training in the performing arts with an emphasis on spiritual principles and truths, led by highly skilled and dedicated professionals in a caring and nurturing environment.

In short, our goal is to impact lives through the arts and perform great theatre for and with God.

What Makes Biola Youth Theatre Unique?

Biola Youth Theatre is:

  • A true theatre company, not just class or workshop
  • The only youth theatre company established in partnership with a university
  • One of only three Christian youth theatre programs in Southern California
  • Well-established, with more than 60 shows since its formation in 1996

Performance Opportunities

Biola Youth Theatre offers three productions each year, and each production offers unique opportunities and advantages for students of different age ranges.

Theatre performance with young players

Young Players

Ages 6 to 13

  • Begins with a 2-week intensive camp
  • Age-appropriate material, including lead roles, for younger students
  • Age-specific training
  • More individualized attention
  • Mentorship by high school students enrolled in BYT

Theatre performance with teen players

Teen Players

Ages 14 to 18

  • Individualized coaching
  • Age-specific training
  • Mentorship and leadership opportunities
  • Opportunities to volunteer to work backstage for ages 14+
  • Age-appropriate material that is also challenging

Theatre performance with different age players

All Players

Ages 6 to 18

  • Opportunity for the entire company to perform together
  • Relationships between younger and older students encouraged
  • An additional show to perform that gives students a wider range of material
  • Encourage growth of skills learned in fall/winter shows
  • Opportunities to volunteer to work backstage for ages 14+