Individualized Tutoring

Biola Youth Academics provides one-on-one guidance in a variety of subject areas for public, private or homeschooled students in grades K–12.

Tutoring staff include:

  • BYA Instructors and Tutors
  • Biola University students who have excellent knowledge in the desired subject areas

Available Locations and Hours

Tutoring is available by appointment at the BYA Administration Office (Biola University Rancho Campus: 14540 San Cristobal Dr., La Mirada, CA), M-Th 9–4PM.

  • BYA Rancho Campus (part of Biola University's Campus, and BYA's Administrative Office)
    Monday through Thursday 9–4 p.m.


  • $55 per hour for 1–7 consecutive contracted hours
  • $45 per hour for 8 or more consecutive contracted hours


The first step is to call 562-777-4010 to connect with a tutoring coordinator.

Please be prepared to answer these standard questions:

  • Student name
  • Grade
  • School
  • Course subject of tutoring
  • Preferred tutoring schedule
  • Desired campus location

An individualized Schedule & Fee Agreement will be created and sent to you as soon as possible. All tutoring registration forms and payment must be submitted at least two business days prior to the first appointment. These include:


  • Can a Biola Youth Academics tutor come to my house if my student needs extra help in a subject?
    No, Biola Youth Academics has a Child Protection Policy and Procedures in place that does not allow tutors to meet in a private residence or privately outside of BYA campuses.
  • If my student misses a 1:1 tutoring session, can we make it up?
    If the parent or student calls within 24 hours of the scheduled tutoring session, one session per schedule Fee Agreement may be rescheduled at no extra charge. Otherwise, it will be treated as a non-refundable missed session. If the tutor must cancel the session, it will be rescheduled and you will not be charged for the rescheduled session.
  • If I finish my 8 tutoring sessions and need 2 or 3 more, do I pay the higher price for additional sessions?
    If you are meeting with a tutor on a consistent basis and need a few more sessions, you may add more sessions at the 8-session discounted rate.