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Star Academics FAQs

Are Star Academics classes exclusively for accelerated students?

No; classes are open to all students of average, above average, and exceptional academic ability. Parents may enroll students in any class desired, keeping in mind that secondary level classes are taught at a college preparatory level. Expect the workload to be rigorous, with each class requiring at least 3–5 hours of study per week. For online courses only, students with minor learning challenges are welcome to reap the benefits of a flexible environment where students work at their individual pace while meeting the requirements of the course objectives. It is the decision of the online instructor whether or not different due dates for various assignments are allowed. Pacing charts and workload guides are provided for each online class to guide student’s individual work. Additional hours are required for Advanced Track classes.

How often do the students attend classes?

High school students typically attend classes two days per week while junior high students attend classes only one day per week. Please see campus schedules for specific class days and times.

Can I decide what work my student is required to do?

All work assigned in Star Academics classes is required and instructors plan lessons according to these assignments. In extreme cases, when students are unable to complete a task, parents may excuse an occasional assignment or request (in advance) an extension from the instructor. It is strongly recommended that students complete ALL assignments and exams for the Advanced Track online courses since skipping assignments may hinder students from successfully earning a passing score on the AP* exam.


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We take a family vacation every year. How will my student make-up the missed work?

Students are given a course schedule with assignments listed for each week of class. Online students also receive a weekly schedule before the course begins. Assigned work may be completed before departure or turned in when the student returns to class. Please discuss details with your individual instructors to find the best arrangement before planned vacations to ensure the success of your student.

Due to the accelerated nature of summer online courses, it is imperative that arrangements are made prior to the start of summer sessions to ensure student success.