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Online Courses FAQs

What technology is used for online course delivery?

All online courses utilize Canvas, a leader in online course management systems, via smart phones, tablet devices, laptops and desktop computers anywhere in the world with reliable Internet connection. Some courses may require access to a scanner.

Will students need to have an email account to use Canvas?

Students will be issued a BYA Gmail account and will receive a Canvas course invitation via email from Biola Youth Academics.

How are Star Academics online courses different from other online programs?

What sets Star Academics online courses apart is our instructor presence and involvement. Instructors hold virtual office hours where students are invited to meet live with video chats and whiteboards. Typically, meetings take place once a week and recordings of these live sessions are available for two weeks. These meetings are strongly encouraged as times are designed to fit the schedule of the instructor and students. Although 100% attendance isn't always a reality for some students, our ability to record these meetings insures a very productive outcome. Students and instructors benefit tremendously from live interaction via routine virtual sessions.

How are assignments turned in?

All Star Academics online course assignments are turned-in through Canvas assignment pages. Students become familiar with submission methods because of the intuitive design of Canvas and the instructions provided with each assignment. Some course assignments may need to be scanned and submitted.

Are there virtual room meetings with other students in the classroom?

Yes! Canvas has a built-in Conference room where students and instructors may meet virtually to share audio, video and any other attachable media for optimal engagement and interaction. Virtual office hours may be scheduled in advance with the instructors.

How is scoring and reporting handled for Star Academics online courses?

Instructors score all submissions and students can view feedback as soon as scoring is complete. The time between submission and feedback is approximately three days. For longer essays and research projects, response time may be up to one week. A summary report will be available at the end of each quarter and at the conclusion of summer 8-week courses.