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Elementary Academics FAQs

Semester Full-Day Packages

How are students grouped?

Classes are combined into grades 1/2, grades 3/4 and grades 5/6. Grade level groups meet in separate classrooms.

What classes are included?

Classes included are language arts, math and science.

Will my student have the same teacher all day?

No; Elementary Academics' teachers are subject experts and teach the same subject to all grade levels. Therefore, your student will have three core subjects, which are instructed by three different teachers.

Will my student be in the same classroom all day?

Perhaps; each campus varies due to class size and room size. Therefore, depending upon enrollment, students may move classrooms after each class. Students will be supervised during classroom changes.

Do I need to purchase curriculum for semester full-day package classes?

Yes; please refer to the Elementary Academics Curriculum Summary Chart for the list of books required for each grade level.

Will BYA provide a course schedule?

Yes; each student will receive a course schedule for each subject that outlines the class discussion and at home course work. We believe that students who follow the course schedule at home will have a richer classroom experience. However, following the course schedule at home remains optional.

Will my student's homework be scored and will I receive a BYA score summary?

No; student homework will not be scored and scores will not be recorded by BYA. Parents are responsible to grade and maintain records of their student's work. Teachers will review homework and provide input to encourage student and/or improve progress.

What if my student is ahead or behind in math (or other) curriculum?

Students are divided into grade level groups. The teachers rotate to teach each subject throughout the day. You as the parent will have the course schedule as a guide to know what is being taught in each class on a daily basis. Students who are ahead or behind in the curriculum should plan to use the class time as enrichment. At home the parent will be able to teach their student at the student's individual level.

Will my student be issued a BYA Canvas or Gmail account?

Yes; teachers will communicate with parents using an email and Canvas account issued to the student but used and managed by you, the parent. As your student grows with BYA, the email will stay with them and be used for Jr. High and High School level courses.

What is the involvement of the parent at home?

You, the primary educator, play the decisive role in your students' education. Using the course schedule as a guide, parents will teach and assist their children with assignments indicated on the course schedule.

Can a child with learning disabilities be successful in the semester full-day package classes?

Most often, yes. BYA desires to assist parents in meeting the educational goals of all students, including learning disabled students. Communication with the teacher on a regular basis is encouraged for student success. Accommodations and adjustments to the coursework are acceptable when requested by the parent.

How is class behavior managed?

In Elementary Academics students are guided through appropriate classroom behavior using the three Bs: Be respectful, Be a good listener, and Be ready. In cases of behavioral issues, parents will attend a parent support meeting with the lead teacher to discuss correcting the behavior. If a student continues to violate the conduct policy, the student may be placed on a student behavior contract and parents will be expected to attend classes with their student for a predetermined period. If violation of policy continues, the student may be dismissed from class.

Is lunch provided for my student?

No; students bring a sack lunch each class day. Lunch and break supervision is provided by BYA staff and scheduled parent participants.

How do I contact my student on a class day in the event of an emergency?

To contact your student in class, please call 562-777-4010 to leave a message. Administrative staff will relay your message to your student on campus.

Eight-Week Clinics

If my student is enrolled in multiple eight-week Clinic classes, must I stay on campus to take them to their next class?

No; Biola Youth Academics staff supervises students enrolled in multiple consecutive classes while on the Biola University campus during breaks and transitions between classes. Students must be picked up by their parent after their final class. If your student is enrolled in both the class prior to P.E. as well as P.E. on the Biola University campus, they will be escorted to the Barbour track for class. In this case, students must be picked up by their parent after P.E.

As a parent, may I stay in the classroom while my student is participating in a course?

If your child is attending a clinic class, you may stay if there is space in the classroom and your child is not distracted by your presence.

Can I send a snack or lunch with my student?

Yes; if your student's schedule includes a break or a supervised lunch break, sending a lunch, snack and/or water bottle are recommended.

Is there a fee for the supervised lunch period?

No; this is a service provided by Biola Youth Academics for students enrolled in multiple consecutive classes.

How are the students grouped?

Students in clinic classes on the Biola University campus are divided into two classrooms: grades 1–3 and grades 4–6.

Are there homework, tests, quizzes, and score summaries for clinic classes?

No; clinic classes are designed to enrich and enhance the curriculum that parents teach at home. Therefore, there is no grading, testing or recording of scores. On occasion, instructors may encourage students to prepare for an upcoming lesson at home prior to a class meeting.

Do I need to purchase curriculum for these classes?

No; materials are provided for students enrolled in clinic classes.