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Biola Youth Academics, a division of the School of Education at Biola University, supports Christian homeschool parents by offering a private school satellite program and elementary, college preparatory and classically-based humanities courses in thriving Christian communities across Southern California and online.


Teacher showing group of students a globe

Elementary Academics

Grades 1–6

Choose between eight-week clinics and semester full-day packages.

Teacher leading group discussion with students

Star Academics

Grades 7–12

Take college preparatory courses in history, math, science, literature, and more.

Group of students working together

Torrey Academy

Grades 9–12

Classically-based humanities courses that prepare students to flourish as Christians in the world.



Grades K–12

Take courses in P.E. and water polo at Biola University.


Parent and child doing schoolwork together

Private School Satellite Program

Grades K–12

The Biola PSP provides academic and administrative support to home educators.

Teacher instructing student

Individualized Tutoring

Grades K–12

One-on-one guidance in a variety of subject areas for public, private or homeschooled students.

Teacher and student working together


Grades K–12

Guidance on getting started in homeschooling and consultations for special needs students.


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Voyagers' Community Program

Grades 1–8

Voyagers’ Community Program is a partnership between Compass Charter Schools and Biola Youth Academics.

Independent Learning Academy Logo

Independent Learning Academy

Grades 9–12

In partnership with Independent Learning Academy, Torrey Academy offers classically-based humanities courses to the ILA community.

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Teens performing on stage

Biola Youth Theatre

Biola Youth Theatre is a youth theatre company that trains students between the ages of 6 and 18 in the three disciplines of theatre — voice, dance and acting. BYT seeks to impact lives through the arts and perform great theatre for and with God.

Biola Youth Ministry Outreach logo

Biola Youth Ministry Outreach

Biola Youth Ministry Outreach exists to sharpen, deepen and broaden the reach of local church and regional parachurch youth ministries by providing support and resources to youth, pastoral leaders and Christian educators.