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PSP Manager Guide


The first page you see is your Dashboard, which lists all students you have enrolled in Biola Youth Academics Private School Satellite Program.

Begin by selecting the desired student and academic year in the top right corner. Many functions in the tool will not work if there is no student selected, or if the wrong year is selected.

From the Dashboard you can click Term Info, Attendance, Courses, or Work Samples, as well as see an overview of each student. You can also find these options under the menu on the left hand side of the page. (fig. 1)

Screenshot: dashboard
Figure 1

Term Setup

You must first set up your term which is the schedule for your school year. Each section will display important dates and deadlines in the top right corner.

  1. Select your term type: semester or quarter
  2. Grade level
  3. Set the start and end dates of your semester or quarter

NOTE: If the deadline for setting up your term has passed a notification will appear and you will not be able to change the Term information. Contact a PSP Administrator to request access.

You can also choose to copy from another student who has a previously set up term. This tool will copy all term information including non-teaching days and attendance. You can change specific items once you have copied the term from another student. (fig. 2)

Screenshot: copy
Figure 2

Click update to save this information.

Select the days you are NOT planning to teach this school year by clicking the day on the calendar. A circle with a slash indicates a non-teaching day, pink indicates an out of term day, and red indicates a weekend. If you do not plan to teach on weekends, they should also be set as non-teaching days. There is a minimum of 170 teaching days per school year.

Turn on the Apply to All function if you wish to apply the current students teaching days and attendance to all other students. Apply to all will only affect changes made after the button was turned on. Previous records will not be applied to all students. (fig. 3)

Screenshot: apply all
Figure 3


On the Attendance page you can mark your student as present or absent on the teaching days you have already set up. Click a day on the calendar once to mark present and twice to mark absent. Like the Term Calendar, this calendar automatically saves and does not require a save or update button.

Remember that the Apply to All button affects both teaching days and attendance.

Four-Year Plan

This is the education plan for your high school student. Please keep in mind graduation requirements, along with the admission requirements for any colleges, universities, military academies, e.g. your student wants to attend. The Four-Year Plan may be edited annually each fall.

  1. Select the student's high school start and completion dates
  2. 4-year college or military academy
  3. Note any requirements for any other special programs
  4. Click update
Screenshot: Four Year Plan
Figure 4

Academic Plan

Copying courses from other students

  1. Click Copy From
  2. Select the student you wish to copy a course from.
  3. Select the box to the left of the course you wish to copy.
  4. Click Copy

Adding courses individually

  1. Click on a cell in the Academic Plan to input the course information.
  2. Choose a subject that corresponds with the category you selected or select from one of your BYA enrollments (will be noted by a pink label).
  3. Select the term type: Full year, Fall, or Spring
  4. Select credit amount
  5. If the course was taken prior to the current PSP term at another school check "taken prior".
  6. Click Show Detail to enter:
    • Curriculum/Book Title
    • Author/Publisher
    • Course Description
    • Set Grading Chart
    • Any Program/Activities
    • Additional Comments
  7. Click update.

If you do not see the subject you need, select custom subject to type one in. Then click update.

Note about Torrey Academy Courses: When you add a Torrey Academy core subject to your Four-Year Plan, a prompt will appear instructing you to create additional courses linking to this same TA course. This is because most Torrey Academy courses count for multiple subjects. The prompt will indicate which subjects are appropriate for which TA course. (fig. 5)

Screenshot: TA note
Figure 5

To remove an existing course, click the course title and then click remove. (fig. 6)

Screenshot: remove
Figure 6

Any courses added to your student's current year in the Four-Year Plan will reflect in Course Proposal as partially completed. For courses that are taken prior to the current term, you have the option to enter the grade earned for that class. Semester grades along with the final grade for each course are required for the transcript.

Once completed, these fields populate the Transcript and the current school year's Course Proposal.

Course Proposal

The Course Proposal is a description of the courses your students plan to complete during the current school year.

For high school students you can add a new course, edit an existing one, or remove a course. If you have completed a Four-Year Plan, your courses will already be partially completed. You must enter any additional information for each one.

Adding a New Course

  1. Click add New Course
  2. You can click BYA Course to select from your BYA Enrollments. This will populate some fields automatically.
  3. For non-BYA courses, add Curriculum/Book Title, Author/Publisher, Course Description, and Credit type in the respective fields. If there is more than one curriculum/book title, enter the remaining titles with their author/publisher information in the Comments field (For P.E., enter n/a in the Curriculum/Book Title and Author/Publisher fields).
  4. Select the term type, credit amount.
  5. Most classes will be counted toward GPA calculation, therefore, it will be selected by default. Otherwise, check this box if this course should not be included in the GPA. Colleges/universities do not include P.E. in the GPA.
  6. For all courses, choose the Course Grade Level from the drop down menu. Select if the course is AP, Honors-level, or Dual Credit if applicable. For dual credit courses, please list where course was taken in the comment section.
  7. Under Grading Chart, select how you wish to define letter grades and if you want to use + and -.
  8. When you are finished Click Submit.
Screenshot: new course
Figure 7

Copying a Course From Another Student

  1. Click Copy From
  2. Select the student you wish to copy a course from.
  3. If you are looking for a specific grade level, select that in Filter By Year.
  4. Select the boxes to the left of the Course Name of the courses you wish to copy.
  5. Click Copy
Screenshot: proposal
Figure 8

To delete a course, click Edit and then click Remove. Please note: this will also remove the course from your Four-Year Plan if applicable.

Screenshot: remove course
Figure 9

Elementary students may only edit the existing course disciplines that are pre-listed. Click Edit and enter the Course Grade Level, Curriculum/Book Title, Author/Publisher, and Course Description. If there is more than one curriculum/book title enter the remaining titles with their author/publisher information in the Comments field (For P.E., enter n/a in the Curriculum/Book Title and Author/Publisher fields).

For Grade Type, choose Letter Grade, Descriptor, non-Graded, or Pass/Not Pass from the drop down menu.

When you are finished click Submit.

Progress Report

You are required to submit quarter grades for each course in the current term. The Progress Report is where you will do so.

Bulk Edit

  1. Click the Bulk Edit button located at the top of the Progress Report page.
  2. Select the grade under each corresponding quarter.
  3. Click Save Bulk Edit.

Individual Edit

  1. Click on the red Edit button to make changes to each course.
  2. Simply select the grade under each corresponding quarter. Note how each quarter has its own submission deadline and only the active quarter will be editable.
  3. For full year courses, there will be one grade for each quarter and a final grade making a total of 5 grades.
  4. For semester-long courses, there will only be 1st and 2nd, or 3rd and 4th quarters, and the final grade, making a total of 3 grades.
  5. Put any comments pertaining to the course, regardless of the quarter, in the available comment section.
  6. Once a quarter submission deadline has passed, you will no longer be able to submit a grade for that quarter. Contact a PSP Administrator to request temporary access.

Work Sample

You are required to submit courses work samples each quarter for each student for courses not taken with BYA. Multiple samples may be uploaded for the same course.

Submitting a Work Sample

  1. Make sure you have selected your desired student and then select the appropriate quarter.
  2. Click on the Add Sample button to add a sample for the subject you desire.
  3. Enter a short description and complete the rubric .
  4. Click Browse to upload a file from your computer. While you may upload a variety of files (Word Document, Excel, Powerpoint, MP3, movies, PDF, etc) You may upload ONLY ONE file for each course. If your sample contains multiple pages, we recommend that you save them as one PDF file, or compose a Powerpoint presentation with multiple slides.
  5. There is a 90MB limit to each upload, so if your sample is a large video file, first upload it to Copy your youtube share link and paste it into a word document. Save the word document and upload it as your work sample.
  6. To make changes to an uploaded sample, simply remove the old one and upload a new one.
  7. The Academic Administrator will review your sample and mark it as Pending, Accepted or Not Accepted. You will be notified if there is a problem with the sample.
Screenshot: sample
Figure 10

P.E. Log

Instructions for using the BYA PSP P.E. Log:

  1. Select the student.
  2. Choose the month you are entering minutes.
  3. Next to the correct date enter the amount of time the student participated in an activity in minutes.
  4. In Notes list the activity and anything else you want to note.
  5. The total for the year is shown on the top of the page to help you stay on track. Each time you enter minutes the totals on the top of the page will change.


The Transcript page is available for high school students only.

By default, it lists all the courses that were entered through the Four-Year Plan or Course Proposal. Change of credit must be made through the Four-Year Plan or Course Proposal modules. Change of grade for the current year-term must be made through the Progress Report module. Grades for classes taken prior to the current term can only be changed through the Four-Year Plan.

There is an option to exclude any course from the transcript. When you hover over a course, a Hide button will appear. Click to hide, or click again to unhide. Hidden courses will NOT be included in the calculation of GPA. (fig. 11)

Screenshot: transcript
Figure 11

By default, the transcript only shows the final grade. However, you can customize your transcript to show semester grades by clicking on the Semester Grade button. Grades for the 1st semester are taken from Q2 of the progress report, and 2nd semester from Q4. Click on the Semester Grade button again to hide semester grades.

GPA is always calculated based on the final grades regardless of semester grade settings.

Click on the Print button to get a PDF of an unofficial transcript.

Click on the Request Official Transcript button for the issuing of an official transcript. The BYA Office will contact you for details on where the Official Transcript should be sent.

Screenshot: semester
Figure 12

To attach course proposals to the transcript, click on the Attach Course Proposal slider. When the slider shows red, Course Proposals will be attached at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot: attach course proposal

Figure 13

Resources and Teacher Qualifications

BYA PSP provides you with various resources and documents for your reference.

The Teacher Qualifications form needs to be filled out and submitted. Once filled out it needs to be reviewed and modified annually.

Feedback and Help

Go to the Feedback/Help section to submit questions and feedback for our staff to review.

If a function in the PSP Manager is not working, go directly to the Feedback/Help section and submit a message. This will automatically send an error log to our technicians.