2017-2018 Fee Schedule

General Fees (Nonrefundable)

BYA Application $55 due with application*
Early Family Registration (Annual) $170 due at registration**
Standard Family Registration (Annual) $225 (due at registration)**
Materials Varies; see courses for details.
Drop/Change $30 (per class)
Study Hall $35 per period per semester (includes 16 Study Hall sessions per period)
Please note: Study Hall may not be available at all locations.
Enroll through your Parent Account.
Returned Check $35
Late Payment Penalty $15 applied to accounts after 14-day delinquency.

* BYA application is required for new PSP, Elementary Academics, Star Academics, and Torrey Academy families only.

** Required for all Star Academics, Torrey Academy, BYA PSP, and Elementary Academics semester courses. Only one family registration fee is assessed per academic year. Concurrent enrollment in the above programs does not result in multiple registration fee assessment.

Programs and Services

Elementary Academics

Semester Full-Day Package $450 for first student
$400 for each additional student
$60 per semester materials fee
Eight-Week Clinics $75 per student per class
$20 per term materials fee (Art and Science only)

Star Academics

Junior High Classes (One day per week)

English $270 per semester
History $235 per semester
Mathematics $235 per semester
Science $270 per semester

High School Classes (Two days per week)

English $390 per semester
Foreign Languages $350 per semester
History/Social Studies $350 per semester
Mathematics* $350 per semester
Science $420 per semester
Electives $235-$350 per semester
Advanced Track $390-$420 per semester
Star Academics Materials Fee $20-30 per semester

* Precalculus will meet for an extended period of time and costs $390 per semester.

Torrey Academy

Logic $360 per semester
Rhetoric $360 per semester
(Satisfies Writing Lab requirement)
The Inklings $640 per semester
Foundations of American Thought $640 per semester
Faith of our Fathers $640 per semester
Economics and the City of God $360 per semester
Writing Lab $125 per semester
(Required for 1st year Inklings and Foundations students, encouraged for 2nd year students)
Torrey Academy Materials Fee $30 (per academic year)

Private School Satellite Program

Basic Membership

Annual Membership (first student) $325 (per student)
Annual Membership (each additional student) $125 (per student)
Senior Graduation (required*) $250 (per 12th grade student)

Additional Services

Individualized Academic Counseling $60 (per student); One 45 minute session
$500 (per student); Ten 45 minute sessions
Special Needs Consultation $125 (per student); One hour session
Individualized Tutoring $45-$55 per hour (per student)
Student Photos Prices set by photographer
Biola Youth Academic classes prices vary

* Includes records, one official transcript, banquet, graduation ceremony, and diploma.


P.E. $55 per session
Aquatics $55 per session

Tutoring and Services

  • $55 per hour for 1-7 consecutive contracted hours
  • $45 per hour for 8 or more consecutive contracted hours
  • $60 per Home Education Consultation session (refunded with concurrent PSP enrollment)
  • $125 (per student) per Special Needs Consultation per hour session
  • $75 per hour for In-House Testing, IEP Write Up and Follow Up Meetings