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Leadership Team

Wanda Sabia

  • Director, BYA Administration and Elementary Academics

Wanda Sabia has served in a wide range of roles since 2003 with BYA, such as instructor, campus coordinator, curriculum development and academic administrator. Wanda Sabia currently is serving as Director of BYA Administration and Elementary Academics. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from California State University, Fullerton and is currently enrolled in a Master of Arts in Education at Biola University. As a veteran homeschooler, Wanda has two children who were homeschooled K–...

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Dennis Eastman

  • Associate Director of Biola Youth Academics

Dr. Eastman serves Biola University as the Director of Secondary Education where he is able to combine his faith, expertise, and enthusiasm for teaching and coaching into preparing the next generation of high quality educators. He is an educator who is passionate about the Lord, and enthusiastic about training the next generation of teachers.

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Mary Diaz

  • Senior Academic Administrator, Star Academics

Mary Diaz graduated from California State University, Northridge, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Science with the options of Biostatistics and Epidemiology. She had the privilege of homeschooling two of her three children, who participated in Biola Youth Academics. She has a passion for teaching and thrives when teaching science, health and math.

Mary was an original advisory board member of Star Academics, and has been an instructor since 1996. She enjoys reading, knitting,...

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Catherine Hood

  • Director, Torrey Academy

Catherine is a perpetual member of the Torrey Honors Institute with nine years of experience in classical and homeschool education, including The Cambridge School in San Diego and Grace Classical Academy in Laguna Niguel. She holds a bachelor's degree in liberal studies and a teaching credential from Biola.

Catherine is passionate about the development of students' minds and affections through the classical education tradition, and is thrilled to bring her passions and experience to the...

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Robin Slagle

  • Director, BYA Academics, PSP and Campus Staff

Robin Slagle served as a Campus Coordinator in Yorba Linda, Calif. For 13 year and is now working at the Rancho office as an Academic Coordinator for BU K-12 PSP, Elementary Academics and Star Academics Online. As mother of four, she is an experienced home educator, with over twenty years under her belt. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas and a Master of Arts in Education from Biola University’s School of Education. Upon graduation,...

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Stephanie Christin

  • Manager, Communications and Technology

Stephanie Christin serves Biola Youth Academics as manager of the Office of Marketing and Communications. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from California State University, Fullerton and brings over 13 years of editorial and design and digital marketing experience to her roll.

Stephanie began her work with BYA in 2012 and has worked as both web and technical specialist and communications coordinator before stepping into her current role. Outside of work, she enjoys photography,...

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Campus, Site and Office Staff

Tammy Appleford

  • BYA Administrative Specialist

Liz Chavez

  • BYA Registration Office Coordinator

Caitlin Reiter

  • Administrative Assistant, Torrey Academy

Heidi Creasman

  • BYA Yorba Linda Campus Coordinator

Brenda Diaz

  • Administrative Coordinator, BYA Private School Satellite Program
  • Records Administrator

Shelly Gooch

  • Campus Coordinator, Temecula Valley
  • BYA Elementary Academics Instructor

Shelley Gooch earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from California State University, San Bernardino and a Master of Arts in Social Work from San Diego State University. After obtaining her master’s degree she worked in the medical field including Emergency Room Social Work and Neonatal Intensive Care Social Work at Loma Linda University Medical Center. She has experience in Hospice and Home Care and was a member of the San Diego Police Department Crisis Intervention Team. Over the last 10...

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Carol Kelley

  • BYA La Mirada Campus Coordinator

Lynn Kelley

  • BYA Administrative Assistant, Elementary Academics and Tutoring

Karen McMillen

  • Administrative Specialist

Vicki Milczewsky

  • Master Instructor and Academic Coordinator, Star Academics

Vicki Milczewsky is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in psychology through Biola University. She has been an instructor in English and Science for Biola Youth Academics since 2002. Having partnered with Biola Youth Academics in home educating her four children during their junior and senior high school years, she values the academic opportunities and community support that her family received and desires to strengthen and encourage other families in the same way. Vicki has a...

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Kathy Nelson

  • BYA Garden Grove Campus Coordinator

Yush Yuen

  • Web Developer and Analyst