What is Biola Youth Academics?

We are a supportive community offering a tailor-made experience for home educating families. Biola Youth Academics (BYA), a valuable resource to the homeschooling community since 1996, is an arm of the School of Education within Biola University (BU), a Christian university with over 105 years of faithful service and doctrinal integrity.

Biola Youth Academics offers Elementary Academics for grades 1–6, Star Academics college preparatory courses and electives for grades 7–12, Torrey Academy Great Books program with Socratic led discussion for grades 9–12, Biola Youth Academics Private School Satellite Program, K–12 athletics and tutoring, as well as year–round online courses. Programs and events are offered at locations throughout Southern California and online.

Do classes change at the semester?

Most Star Academic and Torrey Academy classes are intended to be two semesters in length. Students enrolled in the fall semester of these programs are automatically enrolled and billed for the spring semester. If necessary, parents may change their student's schedule at the semester. Adding a class at the second semester is not always possible due to either enrollment numbers or the advanced nature of the previously-covered material in the first semester. Yet, even in these cases, second semester additions will be considered with permission from administration.

Does Biola Youth Academics allow rolling enrollment?

At the heart of Biola Youth Academics’ mission is community formation and collaborative learning. Families often choose our program because of our warm community and the commitment of our instructors and tutors to create such environments for learning. While we value the needs of each student who comes to our program, it is important to keep our community involved in each other’s learning. For Star Academics online courses only, special consideration for accommodating academic schedule and pacing may be given for international students and missionary families. Please contact the registration office to inquire about enrolling under special circumstances.

What are your word processing software requirements?

You will need a word processing program and some classes use Microsoft PowerPoint. You may use Microsoft Office (including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel). You may use other programs such as Open Office and Google Documents as long as coursework files are saved and submitted as Word documents (.doc or .docx) AND proper formatting is either retained or restored as required by your instructor or tutor. This is applicable even if you are using mobile device technology. Please see computer requirements for a comprehensive listing of technology specifications.

Does Biola Youth Academics provide textbooks?

No; Biola Youth Academics does not purchase curriculum, and such curriculum materials are not included in the price of the program. A Curriculum Summary Chart with ISBN listings is provided on our website. As a service to our families, we partner with a book distributor to offer a convenient way to order books. Please allow adequate time for ordering materials so your students are prepared to begin coursework at the beginning of the semester.

For easy access to ordering curriculum, please see our books page. Some courses will incur an additional course material fee. Some Star Academics online classes will use electronic textbook options as well as free open sources for course materials. Detailed information on purchasing and/or viewing electronic resources will be on the specific Canvas course website.

Curriculum requirements for summer online courses will be available on the Curriculum Summary Chart as information becomes available. Most of the curriculum used for summer online courses is the same as for Star Academics fall and spring on-campus courses.

Does Biola Youth Academics provide transcripts?

With the exception of BYA Private School Satellite Program, Biola Youth Academics is a supplementary education program, and as such does not provide transcripts, and neither offers nor grants academic credit for classes offered. Enrolled families are either members of a transcript-issuing Private School Satellite Program (PSP) or file their own private school affidavit.* It is through these schools that academic credit is received and transcripts are issued when parents, who remain the primary educators, can demonstrate their student's completion of coursework to warrant granting credit. Biola Youth Academics does provide documentation to parents to help validate the classes such as letters of introduction, course descriptions, course schedule, and full quarter and semester score summaries for select programs.

Additionally, parents whose students are enrolled in Torrey Academy classes are on their honor to report on their student's transcripts the score received. Torrey Academy and its advisors avow that completing a full year of The Inklings, Foundations of American Thought, or Faith of our Fathers is equivalent to completing all three of the following honors level courses: Literature, Bible/Theology, and History/Philosophy. Completing a full year of Logic is equivalent to completing an honors level Logic/Critical Thinking course (other humanities courses may be substituted for one or more of the above.)


* This pertains to California residents only. Residents of other states or countries should check the education laws for the state or country they reside in.

Do I need to be enrolled in the BYA Private School Satellite Program to participate in BYA courses, services, or events?

No, although you are invited to apply to the BYA PSP, enrollment in the BYA PSP is not required for enrollment in any BYA courses, services, or events.

Are instructors/tutors available for consultation during the week?

Yes. Instructors and tutors are ready and willing to answer course related questions and are committed to helping your students succeed in their course completion. They will publish email addresses where they can be reached on their introductory letters at the beginning of each semester. Star Academics online instructors will also post virtual office hours for web or phone conferencing and should provide responses within the first 48 hours under normal circumstances. Prior appointments are required for any virtual conferencing requests. Torrey Academy online students may request a Canvas meeting outside of class with the tutor. Students and parents are also welcome to contact customer service during regular business hours.

How is class behavior managed?

Students are expected to abide by the Standards of Conduct and the Student Consent to Policy, which they sign before attending classes. If violations to these policies are observed, the parents will be notified immediately so that the behavior can be corrected. If the student continues to violate the policy, he/she may be placed on a student behavior contract, parents may be expected to attend classes with the student for a predetermined period, and a student support meeting between the instructor or tutor, student, and parents will take place. Continued misbehavior may be grounds for dismissal from class.

Is there a modesty standard?

As we expand our reach to a global K–12 student population, Biola Youth Academics desires to continue to align with Biola University's policies and to empower parents worldwide. Our modesty standard is focused upon upholding core values (spiritual growth, academic excellence, and community), and our specific interest is to create an environment that promotes a Christ-centered community and a Christian witness to the world. We acknowledge modesty runs deeper than a dress standard and begins with remaining pure in mind and heart regardless of the way another is dressed.

Biola Youth Academics aligns with Biola University's Modesty Policy. Students are to maintain neat and modest dress and hair. These modesty standards are not all-inclusive; we are mainly concerned with the underlying principles of modesty and respect. Regardless of intent, the following items may be perceived as immodest and therefore inappropriate on campus or at BYA sponsored events: spaghetti strap, strapless, halter, backless, midriff exposing, or low-cut shirts or dresses; visible undergarments; and tights or leggings not paired with a dress, skirt, or shorts. Shorts, dresses, and skirts must extend to at least mid-thigh. Attire with messages not in line with Christian principles is not acceptable. Shoes are required, and shirts must be worn at all times, except at the Biola pool.

We consider individual hair and accessory choices not specifically mentioned in this policy a matter of parental choice while reserving the right to address any choice deemed disruptive. Any specific situation not addressed in this document will be resolved by the administration in accordance with the general intent and purpose of these standards and the mission of BYA. Standards of modesty are applicable to students, faculty, and staff.

Where do students go if they do not have a class?

While on campus, students are to remain under the direct supervision of an adult at all times. Study Hall is available for a fee for Star Academics and Torrey Academy students who have breaks in their schedule. Sixteen-class period Study Hall Cards are available at a reduced rate. Please contact the office for a current listing of campuses offering Study Hall. Please see Elementary Academics FAQ's for grades 1–6 supervision information.

Is there time for socializing?

Yes. Students build friendships and have opportunities for fellowship. There is a designated location for lunch breaks at our campuses where students may socialize in a supervised environment. Special theme days are offered at select campuses throughout the year to promote community, friendships, and fun!

What is the parents’ role?

You, the primary educators, play the decisive role in your student(s)' education. We are here to serve and equip you to confidently and successfully instruct your children as you prepare them for their unique calling.

What are the Parent Participant responsibilities?

Parents are required to work in each Elementary Academics, Star Academics, and Torrey Academy class that their students are enrolled in each semester except for online classes. As a Parent Participant, parents assist instructors and tutors by helping score papers, recording scores, and/or distributing handouts. Most importantly, being a participant in the classroom provides the parent with first-hand information on classroom instruction and activities, while allowing them to observe student behavior, participation, and the expectations of the instructor and/or tutor. Parents are required to work no more than one time each semester in a Star Academics junior high, Torrey Academy, or Elementary Academics class and no more than two times each semester in a Star Academics high school class. Parent Participant dates are scheduled at the beginning of each semester and are available for viewing in each parent's online account.

May I bring my small children when I am scheduled to be a parent participant?

Children K–12 may sit in study hall, where one is offered, during your parent participation times. Please find childcare for younger children.

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