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Will BYA or Torrey Academy be offering classes next year independent of Biola University?

Under the direction of Robin Slagle, a new program called Star Homeschool Academy will launch in Fall 2020. Similarly, the Torrey Academy tutors, led by Jacob Waller and Anna Barber, will launch Emmaus Classical Academy in Fall 2020. Neither program will be affiliated with Biola University but both will closely follow the same educational models and biblical principles as Biola Youth Academics and Torrey Academy. 

Enrollment is now open for both Star Homeschool Academy and Emmaus Classical Academy. Visit and for details. For information regarding Eight-Week Clinic courses, please visit

Will future classes be offered at my current campus?

Star Homeschool Academy will offer classes in Yorba Linda and Tustin. Courses for grades 1-12 will take place in Yorba Linda. The Tustin campus will offer courses for grades 1-6, with plans to expand course offerings each year to accommodate promoted students.

Temecula Valley BYA staff plans to offer courses in the Murrieta area and will keep the TV families informed.

Is the PSP closing?

The PSP will be carried on by Robin Slagle under the new name of Star Homeschool Academy PSP. The PSP Manager Tool will be used for PSP paperwork as in the past. BYA families wishing to enroll in Star Homeschool Academy will sign a release waiver allowing information from BYA to transfer to Star Homeschool Academy.

Will tutoring and consultations still be offered?

Star Homeschool Academy will offer consultations for families eager to learn more about homeschooling. Tutoring at the campus can be available for most subjects.

What will happen to my cum file?

Cum files will be:

  1. Returned to parents upon request
  2. Forwarded to another school or program upon official request from the school
  3. Archived by School of Education at Biola University after June 12, 2020 if not picked up or requested by parent or other educational institution

High school transcripts of graduated BYA PSP Seniors will be archived by Biola University and available for official transcript request.

Does Biola Youth Academics provide transcripts?

With the exception of BYA Private School Satellite Program, Biola Youth Academics is a supplementary education program, and as such does not provide transcripts, and neither offers nor grants academic credit for classes offered. Enrolled families are either members of a transcript-issuing Private School Satellite Program (PSP) or file their own private school affidavit.* It is through these schools that academic credit is received and transcripts are issued when parents, who remain the primary educators, can demonstrate their student's completion of coursework to warrant granting credit. Biola Youth Academics does provide documentation to parents to help validate the classes such as letters of introduction, course descriptions, course schedule, and full quarter and semester score summaries for select programs.

Additionally, parents whose students are enrolled in Torrey Academy classes are on their honor to report on their student's transcripts the score received. Torrey Academy and its advisors avow that completing a full year of The Inklings, Foundations of American Thought, or Faith of our Fathers is equivalent to completing all three of the following honors level courses: Literature, Bible/Theology, and History/Philosophy. Completing a full year of Logic is equivalent to completing an honors level Logic/Critical Thinking course (other humanities courses may be substituted for one or more of the above.)


* This pertains to California residents only. Residents of other states or countries should check the education laws for the state or country they reside in.

Is there a modesty standard?

As we expand our reach to a global K–12 student population, Biola Youth Academics desires to continue to align with Biola University's policies and to empower parents worldwide. Our modesty standard is focused upon upholding core values (spiritual growth, academic excellence, and community) and our specific interest is to create an environment that promotes a Christ-centered community and a Christian witness to the world. We acknowledge modesty runs deeper than a dress standard and begins with remaining pure in mind and heart regardless of the way another is dressed.

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Where do students go if they do not have a class?

While on campus, students are to remain under the direct supervision of an adult at all times. When your student has a break in-between classes they will need to be enrolled in Study Hall for a nominal fee.

Is there time for socializing?

Yes. Students build friendships and have opportunities for fellowship. There is a designated location for lunch breaks at our campuses where students may socialize in a supervised environment. Special theme days are offered at select campuses throughout the year to promote community, friendships and fun!

What is the parents’ role?

You, the primary educators, play the decisive role in your student(s)' education. We are here to serve and equip you to confidently and successfully instruct your children as you prepare them for their unique calling.