Program at a Glance

  • Program Credits

    19 credits
    • Major/Concentration: 19
  • Accreditation


English has become the most widely used language in the world today and there is great demand for trained professionals to teach with integrity. The mission of the TESOL minor is to prepare students for service in North America with immigrants, refugees, and international students, as well as for mission opportunities around the world through teaching English as a second or foreign language.


Note: This list is intended to give you a quick glimpse into the program’s academic offerings, and should not be used as a guide for course selection or academic advising. For official program requirements, see the course catalog.

Core Courses

Introduction to the basic concepts in the scientific study of language, major areas of linguistic analysis, and several subareas of the field, including language in society. Material from English and a variety of other languages is used to provide a broad perspective. Grade Mode: A.
Study of major features of standard American English structure, with applications for ESL/EFL teachers. Grade Mode: A.
Basic concepts, methods and techniques of teaching English (ESL or EFL) to speakers of other languages. Introduces principles of second language learning along with techniques for teaching both separate and integrated skills to adult or post-secondary students. Grade Mode: A.
Principles of ESL/EFL materials design to enable teachers to (a) evaluate and adapt published materials and (b) prepare their own materials. Grade Mode: A.
Study of cultural contexts of English as an international language, culture in the language class and intercultural communication with the goal of increasing intercultural understanding and teaching effectiveness. Grade Mode: A.
Exploration of ways in which TESOL may be used to promote cross-cultural understanding through the communication of different worldviews and values. Includes ethical considerations. Grade Mode: A.
Structured practice teaching in an ESL classroom under the supervision of a master teacher, plus weekly group discussion of issues in language pedagogy. Grade Mode: A.