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Program at a Glance

  • Program Credits

    4 credits
    • Location

      Seville, Spain
    • Dates

      May 25–June 14, 2019
    • Cross-Listed Courses

      SPAN 205 Intercultural Communication in Spanish (4)

      SPAN 335 Spanish Study Tour

    • Prerequisites

      For SPAN 205: SPAN 100 or SPAN 200

      For SPAN 335: SPAN 201

      How to Apply

      Interested in applying? Check out the next steps, then download and print the application.

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      Study Tours are Biola courses that are taught while the enrolled students travel with the faculty to a remote location relevant to the course content.

      What Will I Study?

      This program grants students the opportunity to practice and improve their Spanish skills and develop their understanding of the cultures, peoples and history of Spain. Since language is learned best in its cultural context, this travel practicum course will allow the students to contextualize their language learning and put their learning to its intended use. Students will receive advanced Spanish language instruction in the context of a three-week immersion experience that will encourage them to deepen their language studies and experience their travels from a Christian perspective under the guidance of a Biola faculty member.

      An immersion experience is often the means by which a passion for other peoples and cultures takes root. Knowing language and culture is essential to Biola’s mission to reach the world for Jesus Christ and out graduates should go out prepared to answer His call to other places and peoples. This course is a way for more Biola students to experience cross-cultural engagement.

      This course will provide a unique experience as it focuses on faith and religion in the cultural life and history of Spain. Visits to historical churches and interaction with Christian people through the service learning component will be combined with carefully chosen readings to prepare the students for the experience, and the privilege of visiting Christian churches will give the students the opportunity to experience a whole new level of worship.

      For more information contact: Dr. Artemiza Hernandez