Program at a Glance

  • Program Credits

    4 credits
    • Location

      Cusco, Perú
    • Dates

      May 5–26, 2018
    • Cross-Listed Courses

      SPAN 200 Spanish Language and Culture II (4)

      SPAN 201 Spanish Language and Culture III (4)

      SPAN 475/485 Directed Research/Internship (4)
    • Prerequisites

      Completion of SPAN 100 to take SPAN 200; SPAN 200 to take SPAN 201 or placement

      How to Apply

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      Study Tours are Biola courses that are taught while the enrolled students travel with the faculty to a remote location relevant to the course content.

      What Will I Study?

      SPAN 200 (Spanish Language and Culture II): This is an introductory course designed to build basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) by focusing on the cultural content, vocabulary and grammar necessary to develop communicative competence at an intermediate low-mid proficiency level.

      SPAN 201 (Spanish Language and Culture III): Spanish 201 is designed to introduce the student to the Spanish language and the many facets of Hispanic culture, and to develop all his/her language skills. In this course student will develop his/her ability to communicate satisfactorily in Spanish and improve his/her cultural competency. This course focuses on real communication in meaningful context to develop and consolidate the student’s speaking, listening, grammar, reading and writing skills.

      SPAN 475/485: Students will engage in an individualized study project which will consist on studying the peoples and language of Peru.

      Students will be provided with a significant cross-cultural experience, which will help them deepen their knowledge of Spanish culture, history and language. This course embeds language study in the context of culture. An immersion experience is often the means by which a student’s passion for other peoples and cultures becomes firmly planted in a student’s heart and mind. The proposed course is also a vehicle through which more Biola students will be able to have an experience of cross-cultural engagement, something that the university will be promoting through advocating for more study abroad options. Knowing language and culture is essential to Biola’s mission to reach the world for Jesus Christ. Our graduates should go out prepared to answer His call to other places and peoples.

      For more information, contact: Dr. Itzel Reyes; Veronica Robles