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Program at a Glance

  • Program Credits

    3 credits
    • Location

      Aberdeen, Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Stirling and Perth, Scotland
    • Dates

      May 13–25, 2019
    • Cross-Listed Courses

      BBST 354 Theology II (3)

      How to Apply

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      Study Tours are Biola courses that are taught while the enrolled students travel with the faculty to a remote location relevant to the course content.

      What Will I Study?

      The purpose of this program is to fulfill the requirements for BBST 354 with the added emphasis on ecclesiology through a tour of Scotland. Scotland has a rich tradition in the Scottish Reformation; students will tour several key locations connected to the history of the Scottish Reformation and experience three lectures on ecclesiology/church history from the universities of Aberdeen, St. Andrews and Edinburgh.

      The course will follow the regular coursework for Theology II. The Scotland tour will allow the students to experience the body of Christ in a different cultural setting. Ecclesiology has the potential to be perceived as an expression of the American church. By hearing from other non-American yet Reformed scholars in the UK, students should be able to appreciate the doctrine of the church and the global impact of Christ’s church. Hearing the history of the church while experiencing the cathedrals will allow students to connect abstract doctrine to concrete realities.

      The tour will visit at least four existing Scottish churches and one ancient Cathedral. The tour will also include three lectures on the church by university scholars at three leading Scottish universities. Students will also experience a day of worship and service at a local church in Aberdeen, Scotland. During the tour, students will engage other cultures in planned lectures at various Scottish universities (U. of Aberdeen, U. of St. Andrews and U. of Edinburgh). Also, the students will experience a Scottish church (Kings Community Church) service which has a diverse and multi-cultural congregation and worship. The students will also participate in a service opportunity with Kings Community Church’s outreach to Aberdeen communities in need.

      This trip will have a lot of travel involved with a lot of opportunities for onsite learning through various tour guides, mini-lectures, breakout discussions and journaling. Due to the condensed travel schedule, there will be 4 lectures built into the trip in order to ensure students have an appropriate understanding of Pneumatology, Soteriology and Eschatology. Dr. Harris will also include a lecture on Ecclesiology with a special emphasis on the Scottish Reformation in preparation for the study tour.

      For more information contact: Dr. Leon Harris