Program at a Glance

  • Program Credits

    3 credits
    • Location

      Germany, France, Switzerland
    • Dates

      June 6–22, 2018
    • Cross-Listed Courses

      BBST 321 Historical Theology (3)

      BBST 450 Advanced Study: Systematic Theology (3)

    • Prerequisites

      BBST 105, BBST 251, BBST 254

      How to Apply

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      Study Tours are Biola courses that are taught while the enrolled students travel with the faculty to a remote location relevant to the course content.

      What Will I Study?

      This course explores of the theological and spiritual foundations and legacy of the Protestant Reformation in Germany, France, Switzerland, and England, in celebration of the recent 500th commemoration. This course explores the historical, theological, and spiritual aspects of the Reformation that have shaped and continue to shape the church today. Participants will explore key theological and spiritual writings of the Reformation period, including reading selections from Luther, Calvin and Zwingli and places where these ideas took shape and were historically lived out.

      This tour will enable students to have a deeper perspective of the development of their own theology and spirituality by experiencing the teachings of the Reformation where it took place. By going to Wittenberg and seeing the door where Luther nailed the 95 Theses, visiting the church where he was married that now has anti-Semitic art work outside of it, exploring the caves where Anabaptists hid while being persecuted for their faith, and experiencing worship services in the style of the Medieval and Reformation periods, the students will have the opportunity to examine their own beliefs about what is worth fighting for, where we have gone wrong, what persecution is like, and differing forms of Christian worship. It is powerful to see personally the architecture, artifacts and worship styles that are part of our story as the Church.

      For more information, contact: Dr. Karin Stetina; Tammy Felix