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Campus Engagement

The Office of Campus Engagement works to provide recreational and educational opportunities for the student body, leading to the overall enrichment of the holistic student experience. SPA plans events such as Punk 'n Pie, The Eddy, Splash!, Nationball, Clubs, Intramural Programs, Biola Live, Study Break, Catch Me If You Can, Outdoor Excursions and Mock Rock.

Commuter Life

Did you know that almost one-third of our undergrad population commutes to campus? Commuter Life also oversees the Commuter Collegium. Located at SUB, Upper Level East, (562) 777-407

Global Student Programs & Development

Assisting you through your cultural transition by personal encouragement, counseling, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Located at Student Services Building, (562) 777-4008.

Health Center

The Health Center is committed to empowering and educating students to achieve wellness of body, mind and spirit through self-care, medical intervention, spiritual challenge and a nurturing environment. We provide no-fee appointments with an MD, nurse-practitioners and/or a nurse, as well as complimentary over-the-counter medicine for our students. Student Health Center located between Library and Art Gallery, (562) 903-4841.

Housing Services

Helping undergrad students find the best on-campus living situation possible, including matching roommates for incoming freshmen. Located at Student Services Building, (562) 944-0351 ext. 5838. Grad student housing and all maintenance/repair questions are handled by our partners in Auxiliary Services.

Learning Center

Assisting students in gaining and maintaining an adequate level of academic proficiency in order to be successful within Biola University's competitive and rigorous intellectual environment. The Learning Center also oversees Disability Services for students. Located in Library, top level, (562) 906-4542.

New Student Orientation & Transitions

Helping both entering and graduating students prepare for their new environments, including SOS (New Student Orientation). Located at SUB, Upper Level West Side, (562) 944-0351 ext. 5846.

Residence Life

Working with students to offer training in interpersonal relationships and leadership, organized Bible studies, peer counseling and lots of good clean fun. Located at Student Services Building, (562) 944-0351 ext. 5842.

Spiritual Development

Responsible for Chapels, Torrey Conference, Fives, Sabbathing, Middays, student ministries, Pastoral counseling. Located at Student Services Building, (562) 903-4874.

Chapel is a crucial part of the Biola experience. The Office of Chapel Programs, as part of the Department of Spiritual Development, oversees Chapel at Biola and provides leadership in campus worship and pastoral care; Student Services, (562) 903-4874. The Office of Chapel Accountability helps you track and maintain your attendance status; Student Services, (562) 944-0351 ext. 3854.

While upholding the values of worship, transformation, and proclamation in student's spiritual lives, our Ministries office shapes students' hearts and minds toward apprenticeship to Christ and advancement of His kingdom as a way of living. Located at SUB, Upper East Wing, (562) 903-4754.

Student Communications

Providing clear and creative communication to current students; helping curricular and co-curricular departments and programs reach students. Oversees Student Life website, Student Hub website, campus digital signage system, my.Biola services, @biolastudent, mass emails to students. Located at Student Services Building, (562) 944-0351 ext. 3855.