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students relaxing on grass

Our Purpose

Our desire is for every student to leave Biola as a well-rounded person; well-rounded intellectually, interpersonally, spiritually, and emotionally. It is our intention that every Biola alum would be recognizable by their possession of the following qualities:

• Spiritually Rooted & Fruitful
• Culturally Aware & Sensitive to Differences
• Vocationally Focused & Professionally Prepared
• Relationally Equipped & Neighbor Loving
• Personally Aware & Flourishing

A Note from Us!

At Biola, Student Development covers a lot of ground; we have a role in most of the life you live outside of the classroom. We're called Student Development because that's our goal; that you would be different—more mature, wiser, better equipped—when you walk out of here than when you came in... different in ways that don't show up on anyone's syllabus or final exam.

That 'equipping' comes through Residence Life and SOS; through Spiritual Development's chapels, pastoral care, ministries and community service; through Commuter Life and Global Student Services; through Student Programming and leadership opportunities; through Student Care, Learning Assistance, and Disability Services.

But it also comes through in our people. Now, not all of us know every single student by name, but we want every single student to at least know who we are, and find us approachable, so that if something comes up, you know who we are and how to contact us. We're your advocates, and we're here to make sure you have all the tools you need to be your best self. We take that seriously.

We are honored and excited to be walking this journey alongside you… helping you to live out your challenges and your commitments.