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Summer Bridge

Be Connected. Empowered. Thriving. As a part of the FirstGen program, the Summer Bridge experience is a one-week event where incoming FirstGen students get the chance to connect to the FirstGen community, explore campus and begin their college journey!

College Success Workshops

College isn’t just about learning a subject, it’s about learning who you are. The workshops you will go through during Summer Bridge are designed to enhance and empower you with knowledge and skills that will be helpful during your time at Biola and beyond.

Introduction to Bible Classes

Nervous about your first college class? Our Introduction to Bible Classes class, led by the FirstGen famous, Dr. Leon Harris, will empower you to navigate Biola’s faith environment, while also getting a taste of what you can expect from some of your Bible classes.

Community Events

Life is better together. Get to know other FirstGen students in week-long group activities, competitions and outings. Whether it's exploring new places, staying up late in the dorms or simply having fun throughout the day, our community events will leave you feeling known, connected and excited for the year to begin!

Here's a glimpse of what Summer Bridge offers!

What are students saying?

Summer Bridge has been an encouraging time for me. I really appreciate the practical workshops that helped me to strategize how to approach stress, self-care as well as affirming my career path. They also were able to affirm what I had already been putting into practice thus far! The small groups were super fun, warm and welcoming as well. The Bible sessions by Leon Harris made me feel more excited to take bible courses than be fearful of them. I have a better idea of what to expect now.

Melody Harmon ('21)

Summer Bridge was definitely an amazing experience and it went by so fast. I met some amazing people and the adventures and post hang outs were so fun! I learned a lot of things in the different workshops that are definitely helpful coming into college. I also loved getting an idea of how the Bible class is going to be with the amazing Dr. Harris. Thank you for giving us this amazing experience!

Alexia Costandy ('21)

Summer Bridge was an absolute INCREDIBLE experience that I will definitely remember and cherish. Everyone is so welcoming and I feel so blessed to be a part of such an incredible community. Summer Bridge has impacted me in a way that it has allowed me to venture out of my comfort zone and just socialize with everyone and talk about our journeys in life and alongside God. I am typically shy in big groups, but everyone's warm welcoming and enthusiasm definitely made me feel better and be more confident.

Melanie Rivas ('21)

Ready to jump in?

Registration for FirstGen Summer Bridge 2023 will open Spring 2023.